5 Restaurant Management Best Practices For High Customer Satisfaction

Managing a restaurant is no simple task. It requires organization, multitasking, an eye for detail and a whole lot of patience. You do not need any time management statistics to tell you how busy life in the food service industry is. That is why restaurant management is not for the weak at heart. But for those of you that are ready to take on the tasks, there are some useful tips that can help you effectively manage restaurant operations and staff. Learn the restaurant management best practices detailed below to become the best restaurant manager you can possible be.

Key Food Products

Always keep a running inventory of the most essential food items for your restaurant. The list of key food products should include those that account for 60-70% of total food costs. Once you identify those ten or fifteen food items, create an inventory of them and update it every day. This will ensure that your restaurant is less likely to run out of customer favorites or menu staples. It will also help you save money on food waste. Maintaining inventory of key food items is one of the most important restaurant management tips you will receive. Make sure to heed the advice.

Set Clear Expectations

The best restaurant managers set clear employee expectations. This is the best way to ensure that employees are productive. It also lends itself to higher employee satisfaction. Delegate duties among your employees and be sure to communicate whom is responsible for what. This cuts down on your workload. It also helps the restaurant run smoothly. An additional benefit is that makes it easier to know how to respond when someone comes to you to ask for a promotion. Without employees operating at their best, even the best restaurant will fail. Communicate expectations clearly with restaurant staff to ensure a seamless food service every meal.

Plan Ahead

Restaurant management requires you to plan ahead. Food service has a lot of variables to take into account when it comes to timing, demand, seasonal food items, menus, clientele and more. There is no way you could plan for every thing that comes your way. But, you need to try. Look to the future when making decisions about staffing needs, menu changes, inventory, consumer trends, restaurant technology or marketing and advertising campaigns. Anticipating things months before they happen will ensure that you, the restaurant manager, will be able to calmly enact awaiting plans. This is much better than panicking and making a reactive decision that costs your restaurant money.

Prioritize Customer Service

Customer service should be the utmost priority in the food service industry. That should not change when you become a manager. Without customers, your restaurant business would not exist. Always go out of your way to provide the best customer service you possibly can to diners. Make sure to impart the importance of customer service to your staff as well. If everyone knows that the highest customer service standards are the priority, the customers will keep coming in. This may be one of the most essential of all the restaurant management best practices. Be sure to prioritize customer service.

Set The Standard

You, the manager, need to set the standard for workplace conduct. This is unfortunately something that far too many restaurant managers let fall by the wayside. As a manager, you should conduct yourself with the utmost level of professionalism. Be courteous, kind, and fair. But, also do not be afraid to be firm or strict. You are responsible for modeling proper workplace behavior for your employees. Make sure you do not take this responsibility lightly if you want to manage a restaurant that works like a well-oiled machine and keeps customers coming back for more.

You do not need any management certifications to be a great restaurant manager, besides maybe your food handling license. These restaurant management best practices will help you run your restaurant in the most efficient way possible that makes regulars out of first-time customers. Use the tips above to help you learn how to manage a restaurant for success. These food service industry secrets will help you to become the best manager possible.

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