How Revenue Based Financing Solutions Help Grow Your Business

Revenue based financing offers a great solution to finance business growth. Business owners looking to fund business expansion may not have a lot of alternative funding sources available to them. Revenue based financing provides an excellent solution. This type of credit, also called royalty based financing, is one of the few types of business loans that take your business’s revenue into account for determining repayment terms. Find out the benefits of using revenue based finance solutions to grow your business below, so that your business can afford to accept credit cards in the near future.

Shorter Terms

RBF solutions offer shorter financing terms than traditional business loans. A revenue based loan typically has repayment terms of just 3-18 months in duration. That means it is a much less significant commitment for your small business finances. That is why it is so helpful using revenue based financing to expand business. If this is something you plan to do, the shorter terms afforded by these types of business financing are especially advantageous.

Simpler Application

These types of alternative business funding typically have a much simpler application process. That means it is much easier for your business to get access to the business capital it needs quickly. Some times, it may even be easier to apply for alternative financing than it is to apply to finance auto loan options. For many business owners, business expansion happens all at once due to high demand. In those cases, it is especially beneficial to get past the revenue based financing application process quickly and easily.

Easier Approval

Alternative business financing options, like revenue based funding solutions, are much easier to get approved for than traditional bank business loans. Other business lenders require near perfect credit histories. This is not true for RBF lenders. You will find that most top RBF lenders have minimal credit score requirements. This is definitely an advantage to those business owners with bad credit.

Quicker Cash Access

These types of alternative revenue based financing solutions provide fast cash access to business owners looking to expand operations. With many of these alternative business lenders, you can have access to your required business capital in as little as two or three days. This is much faster access than that afforded to your by traditional  top business lenders. Obviously, this is so beneficial for those business owners who need a cash infusion quickly.


Royalty based financing options afford business owners much more repayment flexibility than traditional business financing solutions. Revenue based funding will only ever take repayment from your revenue. That means that if your business breaks even one month, you will not have to scrounge together money to make your monthly loan payment. This is huge for a growing business, which often experiences bumps on that path of business expansion. Growing business require flexibility, and royalty based funding solutions offer exactly that.

If you are a business owner hoping to soon grow operations, royalty based financing options could help you do that, especially if you use them alongside bank guarantee letters. There are a ton of benefits to using revenue based funding options to finance business expansion. The most important of these benefits are detailed above. Consider in them in your search for business capital to expand operations.

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