Best Sales Prospecting Strategies To Improve Response Rates Now

Sales prospecting is not for the weak of heart. That is why sales professionals are some of the most dedicated, hardworking employees around. It is also the reason why so many of them attend sales training courses all the time. But, that means that sales managers have to do their absolute best to give salespeople the tools they need to get their job done as efficiently as possible. Using proven sales prospecting strategies can help your sales team perform better. If you want sales prospecting methods to produce results, consider offering these top strategies to help your team out.

Video Prospecting

Video sales prospecting is an incredibly effective tool that too few sales professionals have in their arsenal. Creating video content is the best way to get people to engage. While responses to cold emails and cold calls is way down, video engagement is consistently rising. Create videos to share in your sales prospecting emails. This format is much more likely to garner higher engagement figures. If you want to close deals, consider using this sales prospecting video strategy.

Call Scripts

Call scripts can be one of the most helpful sales prospecting tools for team members just starting out. If you have any new hires on your sales team, consider creating cold call sales scripts to guide their conversations. This practice may make the conversation feel a bit inauthentic for seasoned sales experts. However, it can help beginners use the right language to respond to common objections and concerns. It can also help reduce the frequency and duration of awkward, uncomfortable silences during sales calls. Make call scripts if you need sales prospecting strategies for beginners in particular.

Social Media Prospecting

Social media sales prospecting has taken off. It is one of the most popular sales prospecting methods in use by sales professionals today. Sales prospecting through social media allows you to leverage platforms you use anyway to create business connections and generate leads. LinkedIn is the first social network that comes to mind for many sales managers. However, Twitter and Facebook can be equally as effective if you use them right. Sales prospecting strategies for social media should definitely be a part of your toolkit, regardless of which platform you choose to use.

Create Connections

Create connections before cold calling or cold emailing. Then, input them into your CRM app to make sure you stay in touch for the long haul. This way, cold calls turn into warm calls and your team’s odds at success are slightly higher. You and your sales team can create connections by reaching out to sales prospects on social media or through a mutual friend. Make sure your team members get to know them a little bit before they start hard selling tactics. This establishes a legitimate, genuine business connection between the two. This is is one those sales prospecting tactics that is certain to improve sales outcomes for your team.


One of the most effective sales prospecting strategies is to become a thought leader in your industry. Sales professionals can do this easily by hosting webinars. Webinars are useful sales prospecting tools. They put the ball in your court and your information in the hands of those that need and want it. Host webinars, get to know potential sales leads. This is one of the best sales prospecting strategies to impart to your sales team right away.

If you are a sales manager, your job is to provide your sales team the best tools you can to help them succeed and close deals. This is not easy unless you yourself know the best sales strategies, particularly when it comes to sales prospecting. Sales prospecting methods may be the hardest part of the entire sales process, other than selecting the best payment terminal for the whole operation. That is why you need to offer the best sales prospecting methods and tools to your team to help them navigate the process. Train sales teams on these top sales prospecting strategies in order to improve outcomes for your whole department.

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