How To Save Money On Client Entertainment For B2B Success

Business owners in all industries strive to establish promising B2B lead generation strategies. Entertaining corporate clients has proven to be an effective B2B strategy, but it doesn’t mean a company needs to make only big expenses at fancy hotels and golf courses. It’s possible to craft unique and fiscally responsible solutions that the client will appreciate and think of as a memorable experience. Here are some of the multiple low-cost options to consider for treating a client to food or entertainment.

Musical Subscription

Since everyone loves music, it’s an easy safe choice to include tickets to a concert. Broadway entertainment has a touch of class that educated and sophisticated individuals enjoy. Your business can subscribe to a Broadway musical membership in your area and then have access to discounts all season. In Florida, you can order a Broadway subscription online and then give out tickets to clients. The key is to work with an entertainment company that offers great seats for low prices with flexible payment plans.

Personalized Calendar

If you use a business calendar, you know how useful and important they are. You can apply the same idea for your B2B clients. It’s possible to personalize calendars for specific individuals, such as including their birthdays and important business information on the calendar. The reason why calendars always make great gifts is they serve as daily reminders of whatever image is displayed for the month. Calendars are commonly displayed in places with a lot of traffic, such as in kitchens and on office walls.

Get Food Discounts Online

You can find all kinds of dining deals online by going to sites. Several promotional sites represent multiple restaurants and are able to give special deals. These sites usually give you the option to purchase $25 gift certificates. Another site to check is Money Talks News, which gives you access to a wealth of deals beyond dining. Taking a client out to lunch or giving them dinner coupons is an affordable way to make a strong impression. Everyone likes food, especially when you give them control over choices.

Purchase Season Tickets

One of the advantages of living in a big city is that you probably have a big arena for sporting events, which are very popular among the business community. You do not need to have a sports analyst client to take advantage of this tactic. Buying season tickets to a pro team’s home games gives you the opportunity to go to games with clients or give them tickets. Big match-ups, especially games shown on TV, are often the talk of the town and can be conversation starters in any setting. When you purchase season tickets you get a break on individual ticket prices. Even community sporting events that cost much less can be fun getaways for B2B scenarios.

Join Wholesale Memberships

Businesses that are in a position to join wholesale clubs should consider memberships to stores such as Costco or Sam’s Club. Such a membership gives you deals on a wide variety of entertainment from discounted movies to low cost games, books and electronics. These memberships are ideal for companies that use big box stores as part of their supply chains. They are ideal stores for throwing office parties for clients.

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