Top 5 Tips To Save On Package Shipping Internationally

Money-saving is the habit each of us tries to apply and maintain in our daily routine. Especially when we talk about those things or services that are considered to be more expensive. For example, local package shipping usually doesn’t cost a lot, while international shipping might cost a bomb due to many complex procedures.

If you’re the one trying to save money on cross border shipping solutions, you’ve come to the right place. Here we’ve gathered the simplest, yet most effective tips on how to save on sending packages internationally. Be sure to use them when you send packages from one country to another.

Let’s dive in!

Consolidate Parcels

If there’s more than one recipient waiting for your package in the same area or country, consider merging few parcels into one package. In case you need to send separate parcels for your relatives, consolidating parcels is a smart money-saving move. Just send all goods placed into one package to one recipient and ask him or her to hand out goods to others.

Compare Shipping Costs

Don’t just go with the first package shipping company you spot in your neighborhood. Instead, do research and select the right pricing strategy. You can use the pricing comparison tools online or do the manual comparison yourself. Note that the latter is a much more effective way to compare the pricing than the first one. Here’s why.

Manual price comparison allows you to find the shipping rates from smaller package shipping companies, while price comparison tools usually include only the popular package shipping brands. However, sometimes the smaller players in the market might offer way more competitive pricing. Simply google and request shipping quotes from a bunch of different carriers you find trustful.

Be Smart When Choosing A Carrier

Choosing a good shipping company to send your precious packages from one country to another is crucial if you want them to be delivered safely, on time, and at affordable rates. As the package shipping industry is crowded with different carriers, you have to make an effort in order to wisely choose from many.

Some carriers offer a bunch of benefits along with international container shipping services. If you’re a smart shipper, you probably would like to go with alike package shipping company. For example, some companies offer package pick-up options, real-time package tracking tools, and more perks completely for free. Surely, all these free benefits could save you a lot of money.

Also, make sure the shipping company you choose has strong customer support to have someone to turn to in case something unexpected happens during the shipping process. You’d be surprised how much of a help is caring support when the package gets stuck in customs or gets lost.

Reuse Reuse Reuse

When it comes to international package shipping, reusing materials is a key to business sustainability as well as to saving money. Although packaging materials do not cost a fortune, if you’re shipping packages regularly it can still hurt your pocket pretty bad. Thus, try reusing.

You can easily reuse the majority of packaging materials. All internal packaging materials, such as bubble wrap, foam wrap, packing peanuts, and others can be used more than once. However, be mindful when reusing a cardboard box. If it’s lousy or damaged, don’t risk sending your goods in it and get a new one. Also, don’t try to reuse packaging tape. It won’t stick properly on any surface if you use it more than once.

Don’t Pay For Insurance

Free package insurance is a benefit few shipping companies offer for free. For example, AEC Parcel Service, an international package shipping company based in the USA and Canada, provides each customer with free package insurance. Doesn’t matter if you’re shipping to Poland or shipping to Russia from the USA, $100 insurance is included with each package. It covers parcels that are completely damaged or lost. By having the free insurance option, you can greatly reduce spending on package shipping.

Although international package shipping can be quite expensive due to complex and extended procedures, there always are some ways to save money. This is especially true if you work with a good shipping business. Hopefully, the tips listed above will help you to make your international shipping budget-friendly in an easy way.


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