5 Screen Sharing Tips To Have Productive Online Meetings

With today’s technology, we as a society are able to connect with one another around the world with the touch of a button. Whether you’re holding an online class or a business meeting, various programs allow you to share your computer screen with your audience. These tools are commonly used in a virtual business, but they can also be used for these other purposes. If you are planning on doing so, it is important that your audience gets the most information possible with little distraction.

Prepare Your Materials

Prior to beginning your meeting, make sure you have all of your information prepared. Close any extra documents or internet tabs that you will not be using. Also, be sure to keep anything personal (such as email) out of sight from your viewers. This will help keep you on track and prevent anything unrelated from being shown to your viewers.

Keep It Clear And Concise

Make sure the information you are showing on your screen is easily readable (meaning no crazy colors), and relevant to your topic. If images are needed, make sure they are a focus point rather than having them as decoration. Be sure to not put too much information on your screen at once for it could confuse your viewers or lose their interest.

Use A Trusted Program

There are plenty of programs that allow you to hold online meetings with others. It is suggested that you look into each one first prior to using it to make sure it is compatible with everyone’s computer system. You should also make sure it provides you with the type of interactive abilities you are looking for (i.e. microphone access, typing / chat room, etc.).  Even if you are looking to share images or marketing videos with others, make sure your chosen program can fulfill all of your needs.

Be Present & Know Your Audience

It is important for you to be completely focused on your meeting. Remove yourself from any areas of distraction or excessive noise, especially if you are working from home. If you have any music programs running on your computer be sure to close them prior to the meeting. Be active throughout the meeting and try to make connections to your audience. This will hopefully make them be more interactive or catch their attention.

Ask For Feedback

One of the best screen sharing tips is to figure out how well your online meeting went by asking your colleagues for feedback. This could be done in a variety of ways including a Google form, quick email, etc. This will not only help you get some information about its success but also its failures. Both are crucial to take note of since you want all of your colleagues to be on the same page and to make sure they understood the information provided.

Online meetings are common these days and are a great way to connect with your colleagues. After finding a trusted program and properly preparing your materials, you will have a successful screen sharing experience. Don’t forget that it never hurts to give yourself a test run prior to the real deal and to ask for feedback to see what can be improved in the future.

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