5 Self Publishing Online Trends Every New Author Needs To Know

Self publishing has popularized among today’s authors. Now, self publishing online trends lead entrepreneurs down successful paths. There are many reasons for entrepreneurs like yourself to want to self publish books. Men and women entrepreneurs alike choose to self publish with different aspirations. You might be starting up your own company and want to publish a guide relating to the products or services you offer. Many entrepreneurs want to become self publishing novelists. Regardless of your reason for wanting to self publish, you need to follow the latest trends in order to achieve your goals and earn a profit. Continue reading to discover the top self publishing online trends every new author needs to know.

Blogging To Promote

Firstly, blogging is one of the top self publishing online trends that you should follow. As an entrepreneur, you likely do not have much capital to spend on marketing the book you are self publishing. You can save up to fund your work by following the best frugal living tips, but the finances still do not always add up to enough. With that being said, you need to utilize the cheapest ways to market your book. One of those ways is to create a blog. You can build your own website at a low cost. Read up on the best SEO tactics and design trends to ensure that you reach your target audience. Use your blog to describe your novel in the most persuasive ways. Post updates so that your audience can get excited for the release date. Take advantage of this low cost self publishing online trend to set yourself up for startup success.

Social Media Marketing

Another great way to stick to your startup self publishing online budget is to market on social media. Many new authors create social media accounts to draw consumers toward their blogs. If you create a business account on Instagram, for example, you can include a link to your blog on your profile page. Send out posts about your latest blog posts and upcoming book regularly. By posting consistently on multiple social media platforms, you increase your chances of building a large following. Your followers can potentially turn into your customer base once you self publish your book. Hence, this self publishing online trend leads entrepreneurial authors to large profits.

Audio Books

Furthermore, audio books are a self publishing online trend that new authors follow to increase sales. A lot of consumers today claim that they are too busy to read physical both physical and online books. Give these customers another way to purchase and enjoy your book. Make audio books that consumers can purchase online and listen to when they please. They can listen during their daily work commutes. Some consumers can even listen to audio books during work. Regardless of when consumers choose to listen, they have the opportunity to. They favor this extra option, making it a great self publishing online trend.

Amazon Marketing

New authors also succeed when they follow the Amazon marketing self publishing online trend. If you do not know much about selling products in general, consider taking online entrepreneurship courses to gain insight. Then, you can take advantage of popular online tools. For example, self publishers boost their reach through Amazon’s new internal advertising services. You can promote your books through the popular online retailer’s platform. Since the majority of consumers look to Amazon for books, e-books and audio books, you will likely succeed in increasing your sales. Consumers trust Amazon and pay attention to the ads posted on the platform. For these reasons, new authors cannot ignore this trend.

Short Books

In addition to the above self publishing online trends, understand that consumers want shorter books. The reason behind this lies on consumers’ lack of time. Long work days and numerous duties at home leave consumers with little time to read books online or offline. This is one reason why they look at the number of pages before purchasing a book. Satisfy the large population of people who are too busy to read 500 page books online. If you already wrote a longer novel that you want to self-publish, divide it into multiple short books to create a series. This is a great idea because many consumers also prefer to read a series of books over just one novel. Keep your books shorter to follow a popular self publishing online trend.

In order to succeed in the self publishing online world, you need to follow the top trends. Create a blog to promote your book and establish a fan base. Then, use social media to draw more consumers to your blog posts and upcoming book. Offer consumers your book in an audio version so that busy professionals can still enjoy your work. Boost your reach through Amazon’s new marketing services. Self publish shorter books to sell more. Keep these self publishing online trends in mind to achieve your entrepreneurial goals.

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