Resources To Propel Women Entrepreneurs To New Levels Of Success

Being a woman is not easy in today’s world. Being a woman entrepreneur is even more difficult, especially if you are a woman of color. There are many challenges faced by women entrepreneurs that their male counterparts will never find themselves up against. However, these challenges only help to make you a stronger, better business owner. That is, as long as you are prepared to overcome them. Use these resources for women entrepreneurs below to help you overcome any challenge that comes you way.

Female Entrepreneurs Institute

The Female Entrepreneurs Institute is one of the best websites for women in business. You can browse through the website’s vast array of articles to find information on whatever business topics you need. Some of these articles provide business advice for women, ways for female entrepreneurs to find funding, teach you the business plan definition and more. If you need a content-based resource for women entrepreneurs, consider visiting the Female Entrepreneurs Institute website.

Women’s Tech Radio

If you work in tech and love podcasts, you will love Women’s Tech Radio. The Women’s Tech Radio podcast finds women from all over the tech world to have important, in-depth discussions about what it is like to be a woman in tech. The show features women from all different areas of the tech world, including coders, engineers, founders and entrepreneurs like you. For those female tech entrepreneurs, this podcast is an excellent resource to consider.

37 Angels

37 Angels is an organization that helps connect women entrepreneurs like yourself to the venture capital they need. Women entrepreneurs have a much harder time finding angel investors for their business ventures. This is a statistical fact. That is why the organization 37 Angels help to link female entrepreneurs with angel investors and venture capitalists who do not discriminate based on sex. They also have an excellent, and extensive, list of other organizations that help women entrepreneurs. Keep this organization in mind if you are having trouble finding business funding.


SCORE is a well-known, gender-neutral business resource. However, they also have a specific section of their website that provides incredible resources for female entrepreneurs. Much like the Female Entrepreneurs Institute, this resource is mostly content based. It provides tons of articles about the challenges that women entrepreneurs face and how to overcome them to thrive in the business world. It even has a ranking of the best franchises for women to look into. Add the SCORE website to your list of online resources for female entrepreneurs. You will not be disappointed.

National Association Of Women Business Owners

The National Association of Women Business Owners is one of the biggest and longest running organizations of women entrepreneurs in existence. This dues-based organization brings together over 9 million women owned businesses within the United States. The NAWBO helps to propel members to new levels of business success by creating effective business culture changes, building strategic alliances, influencing public opinion and decision makers and transforming public policy. If you want to join an organization that fights for your rights as women in business, NAWBO is certainly one to consider.

If you are a female entrepreneur, entering the business world can have added difficulties not experienced by male entrepreneurs. This can be frustrating. However, it will help you become a better business owner in the long run. That is why you will need to know how to overcome fear you have about this. Just be sure to use these resources for women entrepreneurs mentioned above. These websites and organizations can help propel you to new levels of success that men in business could never even imagine.

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