5 Ways To Optimize Sharing Office Space With Coworkers

Business owners in multiple industries prefer sharing office spaces. After all, they stick to their budget more easily and also maintain productive workers. As a manager, you need to encourage employees to stay motivated throughout their work days. If you are having trouble doing so in your shared office space, you can implement quick fixes. Then, you can solve the problem and boost productivity in the workplace. In turn, you can establish business trust for your customers and coworker trust for your employees. Read on to learn the best ways to optimize sharing office space with coworkers.

Build Relationships

Many managers enhance their teams’ engagement levels by encouraging them to build relationships in their shared office spaces. Employees often think that sharing office space is a burden. Coworkers surround them at all times of the day. While it can get frustrating at times, you need to show employees that the workers next to them could benefit their careers. Explain how speaking with them opens up doors in your industry for individuals and entire businesses. They can get invited to special events where they can ignite professional relationships with well-established business men and women. Some events might include educational workshops and guest speaker events. At these events, employees can gain career-advancing knowledge. Explain how beneficial sharing office space with coworkers can be to your team members. Then, employees will obtain better outlooks and produce higher quality work.

Take Calls Outside

Another way to optimize sharing office space with coworkers is to take calls outside. If a team member is constantly answering personal phone calls in the office, they are likely distracting their coworkers. While speaking in softer voices does minimize distractions, it does not eliminate them completely. When multiple workers talk on their phones for long periods of time in the office, other workers struggle to concentrate. After all, multiple quiet noises mixed together create a loud noise. Avoid reducing productivity by asking employees to take phone calls outside of the office. In doing so, you will establish an efficient sharing office space.

Implement Separators

Since many employees sharing office spaces feel that they do not have their own space, implementing separators is a great decision. Managers who do assist workers in establishing their own territory in the office. Then, they can make their spaces their own, creating their ideal workplace. Allow employees to choose from various types of separators. Provide them with panel separators from your local office supply store. Offer to put in filing cabinets or book shelves. Bring up the idea of using plants as separators. Then, employees would liven up their spaces and separate themselves from their coworkers simultaneously. Consider this idea to improve your sharing office space experience.

Collaborate With Coworkers

Encourage your team to boost their sharing office space experience through collaborating with their coworkers. This is a particularly useful strategy for businesses that promote group work. Such companies already focus on sharing ideas in the workplace. By collaborating with coworkers, employees can improve their every day tasks. They can bounce ideas off of one another to produce more innovative work. They can also gain new perspectives to issues that arise and solve them quicker. Collaboration improves team productivity in numerous ways. Many employees advance to get their coworkers office gifts because they become both quality teammates and good friends. Therefore, collaboration is a great tactic for sharing office spaces.

Use Noise-Cancelling Devices

Lastly, use noise-cancelling devices to improve sharing office space experiences. As a manager, you can offer new team members noise-cancelling devices on their first days. With this gesture, you welcome them to the team and set them up for success in your shared office space at the same time. Consider providing them with earplugs and/or complementary headphones. They can choose to muffle out all sounds or listen to music on their smartphones. Some managers also encourage employees to purchase white-noise machines. Workers who keep them at their desks use them to stay on track when their coworkers get too loud. Other appliances in the office such as paper shredding machines can become noisy. Keep this office sharing technique in mind to prevent such devices from distracting employees.

Managers sharing office spaces optimize their teams’ work in multiple ways. One of the best ways to do so is to encourage team members to build relationships with their coworkers. Another way is to require workers to take their personal phone calls outside of the office. Implement separators such as filing cabinets, book shelves and greenery. Promote collaboration in the workplace to take advantage of the idea-sharing opportunities. Additionally, offer new employees noise-cancelling devices to welcome them to the team and set them up for success. Use these strategies to optimize sharing office space with coworkers.

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