5 Creative Ideas For Your Simple Employee Handbook

A simple employee handbook is like a road map for your organization’s processes and procedures. This document serves as a compilation of company-wide policies and protocols. It also outlines employees’ legal rights and obligations. Having an employee handbook clarifies rules and responsibilities of all team members. This way, there is no question about what is required and expected of them. Because of the necessary legalese in these documents, they often come across as stiff and boring. Managers struggle to create an employee handbook that people actually want to read. Luckily, there are some helpful strategies for composing handbooks that will spark employee interest and engagement. Here are some creative ideas for your simple employee handbook.

Showcase Values And Culture

First, it is important to showcase your company values and culture in your employee handbook. When this is done effectively, employees are excited to read on. In order to find business success, your team members must be aligned with your company’s missions and values. It is thus essential to include these aims at the beginning of your handbook. Include an opening statement that encompasses what matters most to your company. Then, provide testimonials and examples in an easily-digestible format. Cover your topics in an informative yet straightforward, conversational tone. A slide show, for example, is a great way to convey your company values effectively. Include visual features like photographs, illustrations, and beautiful designs to make your slides pop. Include a creative cultural guide in your employee handbook to make it more appealing to your team.

Use Fun Illustrations

Another creative way to improve your simple employee handbook is to use fun illustrations. Illustrations are an excellent way to break up the text-heavy legalese included in these documents. Use cartoons to keep people amused as they read your handbook. This will give your handbook an easygoing and humorous tone. It will also make it much more enjoyable to read. Fun cartoons can be used to provide examples of company policies in action. Additionally, illustrations are a great way to emphasize your branding strategy to new hires. Include illustrations in a color spectrum that aligns with your customer-facing brand material. This cohesiveness will convey a strong company identity to all readers. Illustrations are an excellent creative feature to add to your simple employee handbook.

Break Up Text Visually

It is also useful to break up text visually in your employee handbook. One way to do this is through the previously mentioned illustrations. It is also helpful to use text boxes, lists, and columns to communicate information more clearly. People love reading lists. Thus, columns are a great way to engage employees while conveying company policies. A text box allows managers to highlight the most important information on each page. Use a different color for these break out text boxes. This conveys that the information included in these boxes is of key importance. It also makes the most relevant policies easier for employees to find. Breaking up complicated information into easy to manage sections keeps readers engaged. Use creative visual features to break up the text in your simple employee handbook.

Add Perks Your Team Cares About

Add perks that your team cares about when compiling your employee handbook. Once you have outlined all of the important policies and legal agreements, add details that your employees want to hear. This will let them know that you have a vested interest in their continued happiness at your company. This may include flexible work arrangements or social media policies. You may also want to go into detail about parking, cell phone usage, office dress codes, or any other useful information. Employers today are finding more ways to add value to each job. Get creative with your perk offerings in your employee handbook. Include sabbaticals, public service, and continued learning opportunities. The rest of your handbook is filled with rules and expectations. Include a section dedicated only to the perks that your team cares about. Adding relevant perks is a creative way to improve your simple employee handbook.

Present Your Handbook Annually

Lastly, it is helpful to schedule handbook presentations to your team annually. This shows employees that your policies and practices are embedded within your culture and mission. Create an entire day with fun activities dedicated to presenting your handbook. Instead of sending a PDF, print out a readable and attractive version. Print it in color, bind it, and perhaps even put it in a care package for each employee. Make your presentation event interactive. Conduct a survey or quiz to get helpful feedback on the policies of the previous year. Develop superlatives and rewards to congratulate team members on their progress. These techniques are lighthearted while still maintaining the seriousness of your document. Schedule an annual presentation to engage employees with your simple employee handbook creatively.

Managers are interested in the most creative techniques for composing an employee handbook. First, it is essential to showcase your values and company culture effectively. Use fun illustrations to keep employees amused as they read. Break up your text visually using lists, columns, and break out boxes. Include enticing perks that your team cares about. Schedule fun activities to present your document to your team each year. These are some creative ideas for your simple employee handbook.

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