Why Google Reviews Are Important For Business Success

Online reviews are becoming ever more relevant for businesses in today’s economy. Whether you are a large, established business or you are just starting out as a small business in the marketplace, you are going to want to manage your online reviews well.

There are many types of online reviews for businesses, including Yelp and Facebook. Companies that sell products on Amazon work hard to learn how to get Amazon reviews as well. But one of the most important review platforms is Google, which not only can affect public opinion but also your likelihood of new consumers finding your business.

The advantages of Google reviews are many, no matter what size of business you have. This is especially important as millions of people regularly use Google. After all, there are 2.3 million Google searches conducted each second.  Below, you will discover why Google reviews are important for business success.

Building Trust

One of the reasons why reviews are important is that consumers are more likely to buy products from a trustworthy source. Nowadays, consumers are unlikely to purchase goods from just any vendor who doesn’t have social proof to back their reputation.

The majority of people will read up to 10 online reviews before purchasing a product. Most also read online reviews for local businesses before they ever visit in person. People will tend to trust what others say and recommend when they are perceived as real and genuine because they can determine how their experience at a business is likely going to be.

Enhance Clickability

Any smart business knows that they are going to need to get customers to click on their link in order to find success online. If no one actually clicks on your link, none of your other efforts—SEO, marketing, or otherwise—are going to matter.

Luckily, Google already displays any Google reviews that a business has received next to their business name, allowing consumers easy access. You can boost your foot traffic by using Google local listing optimization tactics.

SEO Benefits

One of the biggest advantages of Google reviews are the SEO benefits they can provide. In fact, Google reviews are considered to be one of the most effective ways to boost a business’s SEO ranking. This is because Google takes many online reviews of businesses into account when determining the order for local searches. Now that we’ve covered some of the biggest benefits of Google Reviews, let’s look at how they can help your business.

Get Found by Consumers

As stated above, Google reviews can help increase your SEO ranking. Companies that need to take their SEO experiences to the next level need Google review. They play an important role in helping new customers find your business. The more positive reviews you have, the more likely people will be to see your page in the search results.

Provide Vital Consumer Feedback

Google reviews can also work to provide you vital feedback on your performance—and we aren’t just referring to positive reviews here. Reading negative reviews can be a great learning experience as they can tell you which areas you need to improve upon and which areas you should be praising. Every review should be treated as a customer survey response for you and your staff.

Marketing Benefits

Google reviews can also function as an effective marketing tool. Most people trust online reviews about as much as they trust the opinions of friends and family. If your business has collected plenty of positive reviews, they can work just as efficiently as word-of-mouth marketing.

How Can I Improve My Google Reviews?

This is a great question that every business should be asking themselves, no matter how established they are. If you haven’t already, the first step you should take in improving Google reviews is to claim your Google Business listing. The process is simple. Filling out your listing allows Google to index the content you provide for them across Google Search, Maps, other Google services, allowing customers several avenues to come across your Google reviews.

You should also make sure to respond to both positive and negative reviews to your company. Make sure you don’t give rote responses; be personable with your customers. This will allow consumers to see that you care about your brand and your customers.

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