How Sleep Deprivation Negatively Effects Company Success

Business owners who get enough sleep have the rest they need to properly run their companies. On the other hand, business owners who lack in the rest department, create numerous issues for their businesses. If you are not getting enough sleep, there is a possibility that your employees are not either. When your employees are exhausted at work, there may be a huge detriment to both their performance and their health. They don’t function as well as they could when fully rested, which could potentially lead to more inefficient work. In turn, your overall labor efficiency and revenue will decrease.

Because of these reasons, it’s vital to recognize when your workers aren’t getting enough rest, and to try and rectify the problem as best as possible. You need to understand why sleeping for success is a possible company morale. In this post, you will discover how sleep deprivation negatively effects company success and how to fix it.

Waning Productivity

Typically, adults need 7-9 hours of sleep to feel fully energized and awake, but many do not get the amount that they need. Disrupted sleep cycles can lead to cognitive impairment, which could seriously weaken workflow, or sometimes bring it to a near halt, as extremely tired workers might try to sleep on the job to regain lost hours.

When jobs aren’t performed at their optimal peak, this could result in a significant loss in net revenue, with the estimated loss per employee from sleep deprivation being cited at $2,200. You could be losing a lot of money without even realizing it.

Job Safety

Exhaustion can also lead to accidents on the job, increasing danger to surrounding employees. With cognitive impairment, workers may be less aware of their surroundings or might not operate dangerous machinery as safely as they should be. This could result in serious injuries or even death. You, as a business owner, can’t afford for these accidents to happen. Business accidents can tarnish your company’s name and force you into a financial struggle. Thus, sleeping is a crucial component of any business.

Work Health

Of course, the biggest benefit for your workers getting more sleep is the fact that they’ll have better, more productive mentalities at work. More so, they will feel better about themselves and their job. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t a number of financial benefits for you as well, though.

More sleep means less need to pay out for health problems related to sleep deprivation. You might also be able to shave other costs such as needing to buy coffee to keep your employees awake. The added productivity also means less time wasted day to day, which is good because the United States on average loses $411 billion and 1.2 million work days because of poor sleep. Therefore, sleep is essential to maintaining a mental health friendly organization.

What You Can Do

While sleep deprivation is an epidemic across the country, there might be a few things you can do to help stem it in your own company. You can try offering incentives to your workers for getting more sleep, possibly in the form of extra money, or giving out a few more paid vacation days for them to get more sleep.

Try to make sure your workers don’t take their job home. It may seem like it’d boost productivity, but the long term costs negate all of the short term benefits. The more time for sleep your employees are afforded at their home, the more you’ll reap the rewards in dividends towards your bottom line. You will also earn a safer work environment with more alert employees.

You can also have a talk with your employees to gauge how much sleep each of them is getting every night. Adjusting to the needs of each individual worker can help boost overall rest and well-being. It also has the added benefit of letting your employees know that you care about them and their health, which can boost work morale and mood.

Everyone needs sleep, especially employees. Neglecting this not only leads to profit loss, but also a less healthy and productive workforce. Acknowledging your workers’ sleep needs early on and helping to curb these problems can go a long way towards a more prosperous company.

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