Promote Your Twitter For Free Using Social Media Marketing Tactics

Promoting your Twitter account is the best thing you can do to establish an online presence for business purposes. However, there are many ways to promote twitter accounts without using old-fashioned business flyers. Some of them are free, some of them will cost you some capital. If you are a business owner who needs some marketing tips and tricks to improve social media outreach for business, using a variety of promotional methods will help you experience the best results in your attempts to increase your Twitter following. Here are some strategies to promote your Twitter account that you may want to try out soon.

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is one of the best free Twitter promotion strategies, as long as you are posting on a relevant blog. Many influencers and bloggers offer opportunities for guest bloggers to write a post for their site. Doing this is a great way to get followers for Twitter, Facebook and other social media accounts. It exposes a whole new audience to your social media presence. Just be sure to guest blog on a website that is related to your social media identity and expertise. Otherwise, you may experience a spike in followers, and then lose them all again in just a few short weeks. Write great, engaging content as a guest blogger to promote your Twitter account, and you are sure to earn some extra followers.


Hashtagging is an entirely free and necessary promotional tactic for Twitter users, especially for social media marketing. Hashtags make it easier for non-followers to discover your content. When you hashtag a great Tweet, you are much more likely to gain followers from it than if you had not used a hashtag. In fact, hashtagged tweets receive two times more engagement than those without hashtags. That is why it is such a great way to promote your new business account. However, hashtagging can be useless if you are not using the best, most-relevant hashtags for your industry. Make sure you do some research to have the most beneficial impact when it comes to increasing your Twitter following using hashtags. This is one of the most effective ways to promote your Twitter for free.

Tweet It Twice (Or More)

If you have some content that is particularly noteworthy, do not be afraid to tweet it more than once. Your best content can and should be tweeted and retweeted multiple times. Using different hashtags each time may make these tactic even more effective. Regardless, when you tweet your best content more than once, it gives more Twitter users an opportunity to discover it and appreciate it. Twitter users check their feeds at many different times throughout the day. Tweeting the same content multiple times helps it reach a wider Twitter audience. This is one of the most effective social media promotion tips that many influencers foolishly ignore. Do not make the same mistake.

Targeted Ads

Targeted advertising is obviously not one of the free ways to promote your Twitter profile. However, it is certainly effective. Targeted ads for promoted Twitter accounts make it so that your profile shows up as a suggested who-to-follow for Twitter users who are likely to enjoy and engage with your profile and content. Promoted accounts gain followers without having to go viral. If you do not mind spending the money, consider promoting your Twitter account to reach a wider audience that is likely to find your account interesting. This is a proven Twitter promotion strategy. It may be a worthwhile expense to supplement your free Twitter promotion tools.

Engage Followers

Engaging followers and non-followers alike is one of the easiest ways to establish and maintain a Twitter following. Engaging followers is one of the most fundamental functions of Twitter. That is why many users do not consider it a promotional strategy. It certainly should be, however. When you reply to or retweet followers, you stand the chance to gain followers straight from their following. Further, when you reply to non-followers, you are highly likely to earn a follow from them as well as some of their followers too. This is an easy way to grow followers organically, without having to pay for Twitter ads or other social media promotion strategies.

If you want to promote your Twitter account for free to increase your followers, there are many ways to do it. Listing your Twitter handle on your business Facebook profile is not enough. Using a combination of Twitter promotion strategies is the most effective way to gain followers. Consider using several of the Twitter promotion tips to increase your social media reach organically. This way, you build a Twitter following that is sustainable, because they actually enjoy your content. This is much more effective than simply paying to promote your Twitter profile, and it does not hurt that it saves you some cash too. Let us know how these strategies wind up working for you in the comments below.

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