Redesign Website Tactics To Improve Usability With Responsive Design


One vital method for small businesses to market their services is through websites. As a small business owner yourself, you understand this. At first, you may have created a simple website with your basic information, but now it is time to step it up. In this post, small business owners can gain five tips for effective website redesign to keep customers happy and wanting more.

Do Your Research

The first step in website redesign is doing your research. Do not jump into website redesign for the wrong reasons. Sure, you may want to give your site a cleaner, more sophisticated look. However, that should not be the only reason for redesign. Redesigning a website should also be done to increase website efficiency. Before any redesign is done, check your analytics. Take note of your search rate, conversion rate and other website metrics. Realizing what needs to be improved will lay out clear goals before you begin the redesign, and it can even help you develop app ideas for a later date. Doing your research and checking your metrics will help you to effectively redesign your website.

Understand Your Users

The next piece of website redesign is understanding your users. Just because your favorite color is green and your favorite font is Comic Sans does not mean they belong on your website. Your business site is made to attract potential clients and returning customers. The website should be redesigned to cater to your target audience, not your personal interests. Understanding visitors needs is an vital piece of engaging them in your site. Keep your users in mind before you begin any website redesign.

Understand Your Competitors

In order to effectively improve your website’s click through rates, you definitely want to know what your competition is doing. Take a look at your competitors websites and conduct a competitive analysis. Learn what is great about them and what is not. Compare your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses to your own. This will help you identify areas you can improve and strengths you can highlight with a new website redesign. If you want to make your website redesign as effective as possible, make sure you analyze the competition.


Wireframing is a key part of the website redesign process. Wireframing can help you eliminate problems and get feedback before entering a line of code.Wireframing your new website allows you to see how your new pages look and how the content on a page will flow. There are many different ways to wireframe your site. You can use any method, from website tools to drawing out your wireframe on office paper. No matter what resource you use to complete this step, it is an important piece of the website redesign process.

Utilize Responsive Design

An potential client may find your website while he is out on his lunch break or while relaxing or working from home on the couch. Not everyone will be checking your website from a desktop or laptop, so it is important that your website redesign is responsive. Your website should have a clean mobile version that is able to be used effectively on smartphone and tablets. Utilizing responsive design will create sites that adapt to different screen sizes. Responsive design will increase your visibility and is an important piece of the website redesign process.

Focus On One Thing at a Time

Your website’s architecture, design and implementation should not be worked on simultaneously, just ask anyone who works in analytics consulting. Just like any other large task, it is best to break it down into smaller steps. Setting aside time at the beginning of your endeavor to outline the order in which things need to be done will give you a better end result. This will also make the process a lot less complicated and stress-free for you. Working on the architecture, design and implementation separately after creating an outline of tasks is an important tip for website redesign.

If your small business’ website is outdated, you should make a point to update it. Redesigning a website is not a simple task, but these tips can help you work more efficiently. Do your research, understand your users and wireframe before you begin the redesign. Then, use responsive design and focus on tasks separately to make the redesign a more systematic process. By following these steps, your small business will provide a better experience for customers and better serve as a marketing tool.

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