How To Pick The Best Small Copy Machines For Office Spaces

Small copy machines are essential for various types of businesses ranging from advertising agencies to law firms. As a business owner, you do not want a copy machine that takes up most of your office. Whether you have a small office or a large one, smaller machines come in handy. They free up room for more desks and keep your office spacious. This is crucial to optimize business interiors and keep employees satisfied. Unfortunately, all small copy machines are not created equal. Some enhance productivity with their printing and copying features while others hinder it. To ensure that you invest in the best one, read on and learn how to pick the best small copy machines for office spaces.

Determine The Main Purpose

Firstly, determine why you need a small copy machine. The main purpose of your machine can narrow down your choices significantly. Inkjets come at higher resolutions than other small copy machines. Because of this, business owners who need to print out high-quality graphics on a daily basis opt for inkjets. Businesses that need to print out new business signs, for instance, cannot do so effectively on laser printers. In contrast, those who do not need to print photographs regularly can succeed with laser printers. LED printers provide such business owners with the quality printing they need to perform everyday functions. Consider your main purpose for purchasing a small copy machine to choose the best one.

Consider Printing Speed

Also, consider printing speed when searching for the best small copy machines. If your employees rely on printing and copying documents on a daily basis, you need a high-speed machine. Without one, your employees will spend a good portion of their days standing in line at the copy machine. Thus, your productivity would decrease significantly. If your employees cannot complete their tasks in a timely manner, you will not be able to provide consumers with what they want. Workers’ frustrations also grow when they have to spend time waiting. To avoid decreasing sales and dealing with unsatisfied employees, consider the printing speed of each small copy machine you look at.

Look For Low Noise Levels

Keep noise levels in mind when looking at small copy machines as well. Some small copy machines seem perfect in every way. They are small enough to fit in your office space, high-speed and produce top-notch documents. All of these features that promote productivity are meaningless if the machine is also very loud. If your employees plan to use your new copy machine frequently, it cannot be noisy. When business owners do purchase loud machines, their employees get disrupted during each use. Refrain from distracting your employees and creating a loud office space by finding a small copy machine with low noise levels.

Establish An Ink/Toner Budget

Business owners who establish an ink/toner budget prior to purchasing small copy machines make profitable decisions. To create a budget, calculate how many pages you plan to print on a monthly basis. Based on research, set a realistic monthly limit for ink and/or toner. Then, compare the number of pages you print a month to the number of pages a copier can print with one ink cartridge. Also, look up how much a replacement ink cartridge for that copier costs. Search for a small copy machine that will allow you to stick to your monthly budget.

Search For Wireless Connectivity

Finally, search for wireless connectivity in small copy machines. This feature is one of the top small business technology essentials. It enhances productivity in any workspace. It can assist you in preventing employees from lining up behind your copy machine. Instead, workers can print from your machine from anywhere in the office. Moreover, wireless connectivity expedites the entire copying/printing process. Your employees do not have to spend time plugging their devices into the machine in order to obtain what they need. They can simply bring up the documents on their devices right at their desks, connect to the copier and print right from there. If you want to boost productivity in the workplace, look for small copy machines that offer wireless connectivity.

In order to establish a highly productive workplace, you need a quality copy machine that does not take up a lot of space. To choose the best small copy machine, first determine what you need it for. Then, consider the printing speeds of your options to keep your company running smoothly. Look for low noise levels to avoid disrupting employees during their work days. Create an ink/toner budget so that you do not create a poor financial situation for your business. Lastly, search for machines that offer wireless connectivity so employees can print and/or copy documents right from their desks. Keep these considerations in mind to select the best small copy machines for office spaces.

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