How To Measure Your Marketing Results Using Social Dashboards

Modern businesses are now widely using social media for marketing. This is certainly a wise and relevant decision, given the fact that all corporate activities are slowly getting digitalized. Yet, signing into every social media account you have and keeping a track of your marketing results can get tedious. Social dashboards solve this problem by providing a single platform to analyze your marketing results from different social media sites. These dashboards help you see trends and post customer engagement from various locations, but on one page. Social media marketing is important for modern businesses to constantly reach and maintain contact with clients. Marketers, read further to understand how to measure marketing results for your business using social media dashboards.

Pick a Dashboard and Add Your Social Media Accounts

Social media dashboards are a big help with huge marketing teams. Each member in the team can log in at the same time and see the metrics, comment, and evaluate them. It is important to select a dashboard that best fits your financial and analytical requirements. Then, add all your social media accounts to it. There are some dashboards that help you add as many as 25-plus accounts. This is especially helpful for large businesses who have accounts on several platforms. With the set up ready, you can feel a heightened measure of teamwork. Choose a dashboard supporting several accounts to effectively measure marketing results.

Select the Metrics You Wish to Track

These social dashboards are capable of giving you a wealth of information related to your marketing posts on social media. So, it is your duty to select specific metrics that you want to track and analyze using the dashboards. This would add to a specialized marketing strategy and increase your company’s performance overall. With analytics from your social content, you can track the number of clicks, likes, comments, and mentions the posts receive. In addition, conduct frequent customer analysis to best direct promotions to your target demographic. As a marketer, this helps you identify when products, promotions, or pages are particularly successful. In analyzing this, seek to incorporate these successful designs, aspects, or features into future marketing campaigns. This in turn helps you curate a marketing strategy related directly to your target audience. When attempting to measure marketing results with social media dashboards, you must select the metrics you wish to track.

Use Analysis to Build a Perfect Marketing Strategy

The data you analyze through the reporting and analytics tools on social dashboards can be shared with one and all in the team. Everyone in the marketing team can then collaborate to come up with a marketing strategy that works in tandem with the analysis. This allows you to make certain that other members of the marketing team are easily able to analyze, access, and review information. This leads to an abundance of useful ideas or suggestions. Moreover, there are social dashboards that let you provide limited or unhindered access to different teams in your company. If you feel your marketing team needs to have complete access to the dashboards, you can set them up accordingly. The team can measure reports and talk about it through the internal chatting device these dashboards offer. Utilize social dashboards to measure results and develop marketing strategy.

Utilize Widgets to Customize

The social dashboards give you numerous widgets to customize your marketing. There are widgets that help you correlate data from two different social media sites. These allow you to create single posts to be spread across several accounts. This saves the entire marketing team time by creating one universal post. There are those that help with scheduling posts on your accounts. This allows documents, posts, and pages to quickly be shared publicly. Each social dashboard has its particular set of widgets. Some include allowing users to add web push notifications. These notify all followers or subscribers about your latest posts, promotions, or events. Choose the board that best helps you visualize your data. This ensures that data is consistently accessible and easy to review. Utilize widgets in social dashboards to access, assess, and review marketing results.

Get Ahead in the Competition

An added advantage of tracking your marketing results on social media dashboards is that you can compare your results with competitors. In fact, there are some dashboards that have special built-in tool that allow you to see metrics that are and are not working for competitors. This allows you to avoid or strive to improve these methods. Although emulating your competitor’s marketing strategies is not worth your while, it is helpful to try and  understand where you stand in terms of others in the market. As a marketer, this helps you build a stronger strategy.

Ramp up your marketing agenda with social media dashboards. It can get a little tricky trying to figure out which one works best for your accounts. However, the five points mentioned here are crucial to any dashboard you use to monitor how your marketing fares on social media. Once you pick the right dashboard, select the metrics you wish to track. The goal of social dashboards is to facilitate team collaboration. Use the research you glean from these boards as springboards for healthy marketing decisions. Also, do not forget to view how your competitors are doing and use that to improve your own strategies. Follow this post as a guide to learn how to measure marketing results for your business using social media dashboards.

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