Why Marketing Is Important For Brand Recognition And Business Profits


If you consider enrolling in the online bachelor of science in marketing program at Arizona State University it’s only natural to think about the industry you want to work in, and ask questions about it. If you’ve been eying a career in marketing you may be interested to learn just how vital it is to a business. It will most likely help solidify your future career decisions as you work to obtain your marketing degree online.

Help To Spread the Word

Did you know that the success of a business can actually hang on the marketing of it? Yes, it is just that important. How do you suppose people hear about a new business, service, or product in the first place? Marketing is what gets the word out to the public and/or potential clients. One can’t just open the doors to a business and expect customers to rush in. You need to get them there and drum up interest through marketing.

Now you may be thinking that makes sense for a new business, but what about a business that has been around a while and has clients already. It’s still just as important because it helps to capture new clients as well as retain the current ones. This can be done through various channels like email marketing, telemarketing or social media marketing.

Increased Sales

Marketing is important to business because it ultimately helps businesses earn higher profits from more sales. The fundamental purpose of marketing is to get the word out about a company or a specific product. This of course helps to increase consumer awareness about the product and the brand. One example is the many advertisements you see on millennial media sites. This ultimately will lead to higher sales if consumers like what they see. That is why marketing is important, even indispensable, for business.

Create Brand Recognition and Trust

Clients and customers tend to go with the company they trust, the brand that is recognizable and known. Marketing is what helps to build that recognition and brand awareness. It allows companies to share their vision with potential visitors, particularly through the use of popular social media tips. In general, most companies find that as they build their reputation, their client base tends to follow. If a company is looking to get more clients, building their brand’s reputation is a great route to take.

Announce Deals and Promotions

Marketing is always a great way to announce deals and promotions your company is offering. Maybe there is a new product or service you now offer again – marketing will allow you to advertise in a simple and effective manner.

Keep in Mind

There is something that all businesses need to keep in mind, however, when it comes to their marketing efforts. Marketing isn’t something that is meant to be stagnant – see What Is Marketing?. You can’t just put together a marketing plan or campaign, put the wheels in motion, and then never revisit it. Instead you need to be keeping track of the results so you can identify if it is effective, where you can make improvements, and know when it’s time to take a different approach.

Businesses will find it is necessary to change up their marketing plan from time to time in order to react to the market, current trends, and the target audience.

Build the Business through Marketing

In the end, the very success of the business will depend on how successful the company’s marketing efforts are. Marketing can easily propel the business to that next level when it is used effectively. If customers are looking for cheaper car insurance, and a company you work for advertises lower rates, this increase their overall business performance. This is just one example of why marketing is important to business operations. By choosing a career in marketing you will be ensured a challenging, interesting, and rewarding job.

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