11 Major Benefits Of Social Media Marketing For Business

When most people think about business, they think about innovation, capital, and profits. But, the only way to grow a business is through what is marketing today. Until recently, no one paid much attention to social media. It often looks like a joke and a waste of money until you come across the figures of the millionaires who have emerged thanks to the power of social media.

To help you put into perspective just how important social media is as a marketing strategies here are some numbers. The top three most popular social media accounts have over 5 billion active accounts and users. Over 95% of adults are likely to follow a brand online while 71% of consumers who have had a positive experience with brands on social media are likely to recommend the business to others.

Considering that social media is projected to grow, partnering up with an experienced digital marketing service to push and grow your brand makes a lot of sense. There are plenty of benefits associated with social media marketing too.

Increases Exposure of the Brand

Information spreads on social media like wildfire. A single post can expose your business more than it has ever been. You can gain access to thousands of people who share your product or your posting. It can also give you access to new customers that you wouldn’t have reached with conventional advertisement methods. If you are looking for a new marketing strategy and you haven’t tried out digital marketing, it is time you took advantage of the power of social media.

Feedback from Consumers

The digital space has narrowed down the gap between consumers and businesses. It has given a platform where customers can interact with the business easily and directly. That gives you a great opportunity as a business to identify problem with your goods or services and work on a solution. It provides a valuable source of feedback that allows you to know what’s working and what needs to be improved.

Increase Website Traffic

If you manage to establish a presence with your consumers on social media, you could use that to your advantage. Share any new blog posts or products on your website to social media to redirect the traffic to your business site. Doing this could potentially mean getting new customers to buy from you as well as getting them to share your website. That, in turn, creates more traffic, and with constant posting, you could completely overturn your business.

Keep Track of Reporting and Analytics

Showing return on investment is always a tricky business, but with social media, it’s easier. Many social media tools help in tracking your engagement, activities, and purchases. Google analytics is one of the best tools you could use to track your social media activities. It will show you how much effort you have put in and the results achieved from it. Once you have this information, you will know what you are doing correctly and where you should improve.

Influencer Marketing

The concept of influencing sales comes from the age-old practice of word of mouth. Consumers in this day engage and listen to influencers who you can hire to impact your sales. Partnering with these people who have a huge following or influence on social media is a great way to make your brand known. It is also a great way of measuring how many people know about you and buy your products.

Quick Crisis Response

It is very easy to go viral on social media especially if you are a well-known brand. If you don’t have an excellent social media presence, then a lot could happen without your knowledge. That makes it difficult to deal with a crisis if you are the last to know about it. However, with the use of social media, you can keep tabs on what consumers are posting about you. This gives you the power to address any potential issues fast and easy. You can handle a crisis quickly and contain any damage that may have occurred.

Brand Loyalty

With an active social media engagement, you have the chance to gather your army of loyalists. These are important when you want to share a message, product or handle a crisis. The people become loyal to you to an extent that they can defend your brand when there is trouble. Encourage these consumers by engaging with them frequently so that they feel appreciated. With that in hand, you may not even need to pay too much attention to hiring influencers.

Customer Support

In your social media team, you need to have a customer representative you can answer questions and concerns that your consumers have. This is one of the reasons that social media customer service has become such a success. This is advantageous since you are sure that your customers are always well taken care of and you can keep track of the major complaints.

Competitor Analysis

If you have any serious competitors, then they must be present on social media. The best thing is that while they make efforts to improve, you can take notes and know what to work on. You can use your competitor’s weaknesses against them for example if they do not engage with their consumers you can take the opportunity to win them over. It will help your business keep on its toes so that you may get or stay at the top of your game.


If you want to achieve success, then you have to remain relevant on social media. You should have someone mention your business or products severally so that you stay on their minds. To stay relevant, you may have to use different means, but the most crucial thing is to increase engagement. By keeping your consumers happy, they will often talk about you, and that will get your name out there. Know what people are talking about and learn how you can improve to stay relevant.

Gaining New Business Ideas

People on social media speak freely, and a majority of this is about what they need. You can identify a niche market from social media conversations which should help you get on a new venture. Social media is the future of business, and that is why you need to work on establishing your presence on the relevant sites. You can start small depending on your target market and grow your following gradually till you reach the top.

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