7 Social Media Expert Strategies To Boost Engagement

If you remember the days of typewriters and are in the marketing profession, you may not know the best ways to use social media to benefit yourself or your work. Understandably, social media has changed the way marketing is done. And, a new set of social media experts have been born. This article will give you some social media tips straight from the experts on how to use social media wisely and effectively.

Follow the Right People

Make sure you follow the right people when starting a business social media account. Who are the right people? The right people to follow are the ones who are in a similar field and have more followers than you. Pay close to attention to the users following them, and request those accounts. You should also look to see what these similar accounts are posting and interact with them from time to time through retweeting, reposting, or commenting. This will not only give you a guideline of what your target audience enjoys, but also guarantee that some of the users that follow similar accounts see your profile and request you too.

Know Whose Following You

Frequently check on new followers you acquire. Visit their pages and see what they post, who else they follow, and who follows them. This will allow you to get to know your audience better. Then, you will be able to effectively use ad targeting on platforms like Facebook. In the future, you will be able to post content that you know they will enjoy and interact with. Once your account has gathered a larger following you will also be able to resolve problems and answer questions from your followers, so make sure to check your mentions or notifications to respond. These responses will keep your customers happy which always makes for good business.

Use Different Platforms

There are many social media platforms out there, so don’t limit yourself to just one. The more platforms you have a presence on, the wider your audience is and the better you’re doing your job. This is why social media marketing companies are in such high demand. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are the big three, so you should absolutely have accounts for all of them. In addition, there are also smaller networks which can be a valuable part of your social media arsenal. Pinterest, LinkedIn, Tumblr, and Vine are all popular in their own right. Depending on what your target audience is, you may benefit from joining one, or all, of them.

Reflect On Previous Content

If you want to continue to build your following, you will need to continually improve your content. To do this, make sure to analyze past posts from your social media accounts. Or, you can even do one better and analyze content before you post it, which is frequently suggested by e-commerce news outlets. Tools like BuzzSumo, and similar, allow you to leverage data regarding successful social sharing by searching for a keyword relevant to your social media content strategy. See what the top performers in these areas are doing, and then act similarly. Analyzing past and future content to see how they have performed or will perform can greatly increase the success of your social media strategies.

Build Relationships

Social media was intended for building relationships. So, do that! Building relationships online is the best way to improve your social media presence and digital marketing strategies. The more you increase engagement with existing followers, the more people will see your name coming up in their feed. This is an easy way to increase your social media reach organically. It also helps add value to your content. If you want to utilize social media to the fullest extent possible for business, make sure you are building relationships with your followers and friends.

Have Fun

This is perhaps the most important part that many marketing professionals forget about. Social media marketing is supposed to be fun and casual! Make sure your accounts reflect that. If all your posts are marketing based your followers may feel spammed and delete or unfollow the account. Make sure to have a balance of marketing posts and fun or silly posts. Design sale banners that reflect your brand’s fun attitude to attract more consumers. Popular GIFs and memes and inspirational or funny quotes are a few ideas for non-marketing related posts.

Select Quality Influencers

Finally, one of the best social media expert strategies is to select quality influencers. The best social media influencers work with brands to promote products in an organic way. After all, the top influencers have a high number of followers that they engage with on a daily basis. If you can get quality influencers to promote your products on their pages, you can increase your following significantly. As a result, you will boost your sales as well. Thus, this is a great social media expert technique to reap social media benefits for business.

Social media is an incredible marketing tool for both young and old alike. In order to use it successfully and ensure your next ad campaign is a success, follow similar accounts, pay attention to your followers and don’t be afraid to venture beyond Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Social media sites are above all places for people to gather and enjoy, so have fun! Make sure to remember these tips and your accounts will have followers in no time.

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