How To Stand Out On Job Posting Boards To Maximize Applications

People often turn to the internet for their job search nowadays, only to be overpowered by a stream of job descriptions and promises. When there are thousands of jobs available in your field, how do you attract the top talent to your company? You want the advertisement to be professional, yet stand out enough that someone will click on it over others. Navigating job posting boards as an employer can be difficult, especially if you are new to recruitment online. Here are some tricks for maximizing applications from job posting boards.

Keep It Simple

If someone can’t tell what the job description is within two seconds, chances are they will keep scrolling. Your job description should clearly state the title of the position immediately. There should be a clear, common and easily searchable title. Additionally, you should be direct in the description of the job’s responsibilities. There should be no question as to the degrees or level of experience required for the position. Not only will this appeal to everyone who passes your advertisement, but it will minimize the number of applicants who aren’t qualified and hopefully streamline your hiring process. Being direct will help you get the most out of the job posting boards.

Make It Your Own

Something as simple as placing your logo next to the job announcement is a great way to personalize your company among its competitors. If there is no place for a picture, include a link to your company’s website or “About Us” webpage. People are more likely to apply to a job if they feel pulled into the company culture. You can even include pictures from a company retreat, field trip or party. The trick with this is to find a balance with what you include. You want your applicants to take the job seriously, so be sure to keep it relatively professional.

Initiate A Response

It may sound obvious, but of the biggest mistakes recruiters make when posting on boards is not giving a call to action. Your job description could be amazing, but its irrelevant if a potential hire doesn’t know where to click or who to email. Providing a timeline like “Application closes at 11:59 on December 6”, or even just having an “Apply Now!” encouragement can keep you from making that costly mistake. Some job posting boards even employ this feature automatically. You want to encourage people to apply to get the biggest pool of applicants possible.

Change Your Language

Using different phrases from the typical job post will most likely increase your numbers drastically. People get tired of seeing the same phrase over and over on job posting boards. Try to vary your language, use synonyms and powerful verbs. This is one of the quickest ways to peak interest, as people typically skim job postings for a small portion of time before applying or moving on. Your post will stand out if it avoids cliches and other stale phrases. However, make sure that your post is still as specific and clear as possible, especially when creating listings for finance recruiting purposes. Changing your language doesn’t mean creating an abstract or pompous post. Your job posting should be original, smart and memorable.

Highlight High Points

What’s great about this job? What does your company do best? Try to find something unique to this job description. If you’re hiring for an entry-level position, perhaps you want to emphasize the opportunity for growth. Mention if your office hosts a bowling tournament or goes out for lunch together once a month. These little perks will draw in applicants who want that type of company culture, and hopefully help you find the best fit for your organization. You want someone who is excited about joining your team,. Highlighting fun or profitable activities is a good way to show that enthusiasm on your end.

Although there are lots of ways to attract people to your company, job posting boards can help you reach the widest audience. Try these human resource management tactics to get potential hires to stop scrolling on your posting. Be clear with the job position and requirements, but don’t be afraid to show off a little of your company’s culture. Include unique and fun things about the office, company or position. And of course, always make sure you include how and where to apply to the job. These are great tools for maximizing applications from job posting boards and finding the best employee for your business.

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