Guide To Recruitment Online For Small Businesses To Secure Top Talent

Nowadays, business owners and managers can’t seem to find the right candidates for priority positions. With the economy on the upswing, quality candidates are becoming increasingly scarce. Whether the company uses a corporate recruitment strategy by employing a human resources department or has the owner doing all the hiring themselves, it might be time to start using LinkedIn to get more qualified job candidates. In the following infographic by Lucas Blake, you will find a practical guide for making your first hire via LinkedIn. It starts with updating your profile page (something that you should already be taking advantage of) and moving on to recruiting potential talent for your company’s position. To learn, check out this guide to small business recruitment:


LinkedIn Alternatives For Recruitment Online

While LinkedIn is certainly the best platform for recruitment online, there are effective methods for using other platforms, as well. Of course, that does not mean that you should head to Snapchat looking to score top talent for your business. However, social networks like Facebook are another place that you may be able to secure the best candidate for an open position. If you want to recruit online without LinkedIn, consider Facebook. Create a profile specifically for the purpose, or just reformat your personal profile to make it appropriate for business. Then, you can add friends, family and acquaintances who share common interests and careers. Start sharing plenty of positive workplace inspiration and eventually you can begin posting about open positions within your company. Then, wait for the flood of messages to come. You’ll have the added advantage of having some insight into a prospective candidate’s personal life, which makes for the best hires. If you want to make use of online recruitment for your small business, consider using Facebook in addition to the traditional LinkedIn platform.


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