Why Should You Start Team Building Within Your Workplace

Increased understanding, improved cooperation and collaboration, and higher productivity are just a few of the benefits of team building within the workplace. But what if the workplace is at home or in a branch office? Virtual team building activities can bring the same benefits as in-person team building exercises. Pandemic shutdowns, working from home, and the rise of teams who work in different offices or even different continents all contribute to the need for team building to go virtual.

How Team Building Helps Companies

Gone are the days when a workplace was in one city, inside an office building or a factory. Today, workplaces may be shared documents and workers connected virtually though they work in different cities and time zones. If companies have virtual teams, it only makes sense that team building activities should be virtual, too. Virtual team building activities bring several benefits to the workplace, including the ones listed below.

Greater Productivity

Of course, team building can improve workplace productivity. Businesses and workers have discovered that working virtually can be more productive. Virtual team building exercises can offer a fun diversion that lets workers get to know each other better to keep workers from being burned out from frequent virtual meetings, emails, and calls.

Increased Trust

Virtual team building activities bring coworkers together despite the distance and allow them to have fun together. Something as simple as a virtual happy hour after work can help teams who work together across the miles have greater understanding and trust.

Positive Company Culture

A startup with a virtual team can improve company culture through virtual team building activities such as virtual coffee breaks, birthday parties, or book clubs. Just as workers in brick-and-mortar buildings participate in company culture when interacting in person, virtual employees can create a positive workplace culture when they get the chance to interact virtually.

Celebrating Diversity

It’s not uncommon for virtual team members to work in different countries and continents. Virtual team building activities celebrate diversity by fostering positive working relationships among team members. Just be sure to schedule team building activities at convenient times for everyone if virtual events span different time zones.

Less Stress

Virtual employees who connect through virtual team building activities related to their workplace have fewer problems with stress and have a more positive outlook on their employment.

Ideas for Team Building Virtually

Team building activities held virtually can create a positive workplace environment even when the workplace is virtual. Here are a few ideas for virtual team building activities that will bring virtual team members together.

Check In Online

Having a brief virtual meeting scheduled once or twice a week can give virtual team members a chance to catch up with each other and share details on projects, plans, and deadlines, increasing productivity and efficiency.

Virtual Coffee Breaks

Team members working in separate offices need to take a break from their work. Holding a virtual coffee break lets workers enjoy their favorite beverages while chatting. Thirty minutes later, they can return to their work refreshed and energized.

Virtual Cocktail Parties

Celebrate the successful completion of a project with an online cocktail party. Some companies boost morale by booking a virtual mixology lesson so distant coworkers can learn to make a craft cocktail together and then toast to their shared success.

Workplace Wellness

Virtual team members can enjoy classes in yoga, pilates, and other fitness pursuits together online. Cooking lessons held virtually can show workers new ways to eat healthier. These virtual team building activities result in healthier, happier workers who know their employer cares about them.

Online Awards

One sure-fire morale booster is recognizing employees for their excellence. A virtual awards ceremony will increase productivity as well as positivity. Awards presented each year or each quarter will build a culture of success in companies.

Take Workplace Team Building Virtual

Many of the best in-person team building activities can be held virtually for teams who bridge the distances to complete projects successfully. Remote team bonding activities will miss trust falls, but that’s for the best.

A little imagination and the help of virtual team building professionals will help in launching virtual team building activities for virtual teams that will boost morale and productivity.

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