5 Ways Successful Businesses Are Marketing In 2020

Many businesses today are zoned in on digital marketing techniques that help them connect to their ideal customers around the world and locally. With the technological advances over the last forty years, much has changed with regard to how companies market to consumers. Today, customers yearn for businesses and brands that are transparent, engaging, and responsive. As a business owner, you might think that your product is the best one out there, and maybe it is. You might not get as many sales as some of your competitors with lower quality products because you are not in tune with the effective marketing tactics in 2020. Luckily, we have rounded up five ways that successful businesses market in 2020 to help you get up to speed.

Optimized for Mobile Devices

Make a hundred percent sure that your business website is optimized for mobile usability. Set yourself up for success by having a mobile version of your website. Most people use smartphones or tablets to search the web for products or services they need. This is a much more common way to use the internet than using a desktop computer. So while your website might be beautifully designed, if it only looks that way on a desktop or laptop computer, it will likely hurt your traffic flow. Consider the value of mobile optimization marketing throughout 2020.

Social Media Marketing

This is a big one. Content is queen these days, and creating valuable informative short-form content that includes an image or a graphic is crucial to your business. Social media content tools and marketing in its most basic form is a way for you to introduce yourself, tell potential customers what you do, and what your products or services are like in the quickest way possible. Creating consistent content where you describe why the products you sell are worth the buy, or why your services are special, is how you will get your message across effectively using social media.

Influencer Marketing

The benefits of influencer marketing have exploded in profitability and popularity over the last four to five years. If you have a product or a service and know who your audience persona or ideal customer is, then you need only reach out to an influencer who also fits the same characteristics. With influencer marketing, you will find that an online personality with thousands upon thousands of followers, will likely have people following them who have the same exact interests in ideals, products, and lifestyles.
This is an effective way to market your products with the added benefits of having a known online personality endorse, recommend, and provide social proof to thousands of your potential customers.


Search engine optimization is one of the most important aspects of digital marketing. Local SEO boosts marketing visibility for your business. Your website should be optimized to include copy on your home page, about page, products page. Onclude relevant searchable keywords within your descriptions. Doing this can be time-consuming. Make sure you do not overuse keywords as search engines will likely consider it a “spam” website. The key to SEO is to describe your business as authentically as possible. At the same time, research your competitors to see what keywords they are using that are working for them. Search organically as well as which ones they are paying for in Google Ads.

Email Marketing

Keeping customers interested in your future sales, products, and updates is best done via email subscriptions. Email marketing might seem very old school, but it is still just as effective. You always want to avoid spamming customers, and never email customers that have not subscribed to you. This is where content comes in once again. Creating longer form blogs, tutorials, and promotions for your subscribers that others will not receive if not subscribed incentivizes people to opt-in. Once someone has opted in, they will be reminded of you once every week or a couple of weeks and likely continue to purchase from you moving forward.

Lastly, cross-promoting your products and the products of a complimentary company will help increase your backlinks and return the favor to the company you are working with. For example, if you are a personal trainer and are looking for a protein powder company to partner with to cross-promote each other’s businesses, simply create a blog post that includes their products as items you would recommend using when working out, and link to them from your website. Then, simply ask that company to do the same for you. This increases your backlinks and makes you look more “trustworthy” from a search engine point of view.

New business marketing techniques have completely revolutionized modern customer acquisition for businesses. Mobile device optimization and social media marketing take advantage of younger smartphone-savvy demographics. Email marketing newsletters keep your customers updated with your business’s products, services, and promotions. Furthermore, SEO strategies help keep your business at the top of all pertinent search results. If you are interested in the top ways successful businesses are marketing throughout 2020, consider the points mentioned above.

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