5 Task Planning Methods To Check More Off Your List

Complex projects are made up of a number of tasks. Effective task planning is essential to completing projects on time. As a manager, it is crucial to understand the various task planning methods to save time and improve efficiency. Understanding the various task planning methods will additionally help you to meet deadlines, and serve the needs of your customers. Read this post to learn how to use task planning methods to check more off your list.

To-Do List Method

The to-do list method is a simple technique to help you list and prioritize tasks. This is likely the most popular task management method. When you list these tasks and duties in the order which they come to your mind, it helps you prioritize important projects. Dozens of free apps are available that allow you to create lists, and assign notifications to remind you of approaching deadlines. For many managers, the feeling of clearing a set of tasks off of one’s to-do list provides incentive and motivation. Utilize the to-do list task planning method to best keep track of tasks and commitments.

ABC 123 Prioritized Planning

ABC 123 Prioritized Planning is a task planning method that allows you to focus on the consequence of not completing a specific task. It is great for both individual management and group task management. The letters ‘ABC’ represent the level of importance a task holds, and the implications if it is not completed. ‘A tasks’ could be represented by large contracts crucial to your business. Whereas ‘C tasks’ are often able to be pushed off for a later date to focus on larger priorities. Numbers then designate task importance in the lettered category. For example, high priority tasks may be labeled ‘A1,A2,A3’ respectively. The ABC 123 task planning method can easily help you prioritize, and accomplish important responsibilities.

Simplification Method

The simplification method helps you accomplish tasks easier. Doing so requires you to break a complex project into a series of small, achievable tasks. Provide yourself with detailed instructions to make a big project appear significantly easier. Start off with small simple tasks that can be accomplished within an hour or two. Focus on only one of these tasks at a time. Furthermore, attempt to accomplish the hardest tasks first to avoid focusing or procrastinating important tasks. To best plan important tasks, use the simplification method to break projects into a series of detailed steps. Moreover, create an implementation plan to ensure that you complete projects on time.

Rows, Columns And Sheets Method

The rows, columns and sheets method utilizes spreadsheets to layout the requirements for planning, as well as accomplishing tasks. Break planned tasks down into several factors to best understand the resources needed to quickly accomplish them. Initially, focus on the full scope of the project. Then, list the actions required to accomplish the task. Additionally, list the received date, due date, and level of urgency. When you understand the full scope of the project before beginning, it becomes less overwhelming. Furthermore, you can assure you have sufficient employees, tools, or resources to accomplish the task quickly and routinely. Plan tasks utilizing the rows, columns, and sheets method to best understand task requirements.

Planning Style Method

To best plan tasks at hand, consider the appropriate planning style to use. Tasks planned with a strategic focus ensure that employees and stakeholders are constantly working toward a common goal. Action Planning allows you to plan the day-to-day tasks of your company. Action planning considers the daily operations of your business, while strategic planning focuses on the bigger picture or achieving company goals. Focus on your planning style to improve your ability to set and plan important tasks.

The way you set and plan tasks, directly effects your ability to accomplish large projects. Many managers use the top timeline management techniques along with task planning tips to excel. Appropriate task management methods are crucial skills to operate a profitable business. Consider the to-do list to best organize a multitude of tasks with varying deadlines. Utilize the ABC 123 method to prioritize tasks based on their result if not completed. Additionally, implement the simplification method to make large projects appear more achievable. The rows, columns, and sheets method helps detail tasks based on their action, location, deadline, and urgency. To best plan tasks overall, consider the planning style method to set goals to specific to the necessary direction. As you strive to increase efficiency in your office, consider these task planning methods to check more off your list.

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