3 Ways Technology Is Making Corporate Training More Accessible

Corporate training is not a new concept. Business owners and HR professionals have been receiving corporate training certifications for years. Organizations have long helped employees hone their skills while also providing access to new skills. As a result, employees are more productive and happier with their jobs. However, in an increasingly competitive business environment, business owners and employees are under immense pressure to cut costs while improving results. Thankfully, as with other areas of our lives, technology has made corporate training much more accessible and pocket-friendly. Let’s look at a few such ways technology is changing the way businesses train their employees.

Overcoming Geographical, Cultural, And Linguistic Bounds

Not too long ago, corporate training meant attending seminars, meetings, and instructor-led training sessions that required learners to be physically present at a specific location. This not only meant additional logistic-related expenses for businesses or learners. It also meant additional investment of time on the employee’s end.

Moreover, conducting such training sessions was especially expensive for larger enterprises with a diverse workforce located in many different locations. In many cases, some teams were even deprived of training due to the lack of resources in their geographical locations.

Similarly, developing and translating training material to suit cultural and linguistic differences meant additional investment of time and money. Thankfully, with technologies like learning management systems, it is possible for businesses to provide relevant training to all their employees, regardless of where they are located. Content authoring tools have enabled easy translation of course materials without compromising on quality. Add the multitude of media and interactive options offered by these technologies, and you get tools that can cater to a variety of learning habits and cultures.

Developing Training Material Is Easier, Quicker, And Cheaper

As mentioned in the last section, content authoring tools have empowered instructional designers in many ways. However, their advantages are not limited to varied instruction methods and translations. Cloud based authoring tools also enable multiple designers to collaborate on projects in real time, regardless of where they are located. The ability to make changes in real time further lends advantages in terms of quick delivery of time-sensitive training material.

Not to forget, the many features loaded on these tools enable designers to create immersive training content that engages learners and motivates them to perform better. The best part is that this technology is extremely accessible. In fact, there are a number of free eLearning authoring tools available on the web that work well if you are just getting started with such tools. However, free eLearning authoring tools come with certain limitations. In order to realize the full potential of these tools, businesses should be prepared to invest in premium versions.

Meaningful Tracking Of Effectiveness And ROI

Modern learning tools come loaded with a number of tracking abilities. These tools allow instructors and businesses to measure the effectiveness of their training programs. Many tools even offer customized reporting that can be aligned with your most critical learning and business objectives.  Moreover, advanced reporting capabilities enable instructors and businesses to track how learners are interacting with the training programs. This can potentially help them identify areas that need special attention. Then, they can improve the effectiveness of their corporate training endeavors.

As with any emerging trend, eLearning technologies are surrounded by their own share of apprehensions. However, as businesses understand how these technologies work and can be used to their advantage, the overall quality and effectiveness of corporate training will see a notable improvement. With most learning tools offering free trials, businesses today have the perfect opportunity to find the right tools and partners to help them make a seamless switch to eLearning practices.

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