Attending Technology For Marketing Conference Can Further Your Career

Technology for Marketing is not just the only free marketing technology conference in the United Kingdom, it is also the best. This event is one of the top marketing conferences in the world. For marketing professionals, it can difficult to keep up with all the latest martech trends and developments. They are always rapidly changing. But, things like viral marketing software can hugely impact marketing outcomes. That is why attending the Technology for Marketing 2018 conference may be one of the best decisions to make for your career. Learn all about these marketing conference below to determine whether or not it is worth the trip.

Conference Details

The Technology for Marketing conference happens every year in London, at the Olympia.  Next year, the conference is set for September 26th and 27th. The event plans to start at 9:30am and end at 5:00pm, like most other conferences. In those hours, marketers like you can benefit from professional development, upskilling and incredible networking opportunities. If you are available in September of 2018, it may be worth looking into booking a hotel room for the occasion.

Big Names In Business

The Technology for Marketing conference features some of the biggest names in business as their keynote speakers. These tech industry leaders will help you learn all about how to best use the marketing technology that is available to you. LinkedIn, BuzzSumo and Uber are some of those big name tech companies that will be presenting next year. There are no better businesses to learn from than these. You may want to clear your schedule.

Over 100 Tech Providers

Over 100 tech providers will converge on London in September of 2018 for the Technology for Marketing conference. This gives marketing professionals like you the opportunity to try out all the latest marketing technology for yourself, from cashback marketing software to mobile marketing apps. It also allows you to learn the best uses for these types of martech applications from the company’s themselves. There is no better way to learn about new marketing applications than to try them out, which is why attending Technology for Marketing is certainly worth some consideration.

Strategic Sessions

At the martech conference, you can also attend any number of strategic sessions hosted by those companies that have been using marketing software since it first hit the market. These sessions can teach you how to produce content that resonates with your audience. They can also explain how to measure your martech returns to then make improvements to them. Or, you can elect to learn how to use programmatic strategies to get the most out of your influential marketing campaigns from Uber. No matter what areas of marketing you would like to learn more about or improve upon, there is a session for you. The incredible rich programming offered by the Technology for Marketing conference is simply unmatched, especially because it is a free event.


The TFM conference has almost 8,000 attendees each year. Of those 8,000, about 75% of them are senior marketers and decision makers. This presents an awesome networking opportunity for marketing professionals at all different points in their marketing careers. You can visit the event to foster professional relationships with people that can help take your career to the next level. While there may be better networking opportunities out there, none of them also have the added benefits that the TFM conference offers marketers. Keep this in mind if you are contemplating whether or not to attend the Technology for Marketing conference.

Marketing professionals are no strangers to conferences. There are tons of marketing conferences available worldwide. But, not many of them are free, even the ones that just offer press kit examples. The Technology for Marketing event is one of the few free marketing conferences available to professionals looking to grow in their career. If you want to learn about the newest software for marketing and how to best use all the top martech applications, consider attending next year’s 2018 Technology for Marketing conference. Then when you arrive back home, let us know how it was in the comments below.

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