How Can Temporary Employment Agencies Help Your Company?

Temporary employment agencies work with companies by providing temporary employees with specific skills that fit their needs. Getting the help of temporary employment agencies has become a standard practice to address staffing demands under different circumstances.

Some of the instances wherein temporary employment agencies become a significant boost to client businesses include staffing shortages due to peak season, as well as emergency leave and vacations of regular employees. For employers to understand the nature of temporary employment better, this post looks into the benefits that temporary employment agencies may bring to the table. Discover how can temporary employment agencies help your company below.

Streamline The Hiring Process

Temporary employment agencies work by finding the right individuals to fill different kinds of jobs. They also cater to all types of employment duration that the client company requires, may it be temporary or full-time. So, whether your company is looking for a carpenter, a manager, an administrative assistant, or a nurse, an employment agency can help you streamline the overall hiring process.

Here’s how an employment agency alleviates the hiring process:

  • A broad network of professionals: Have you experienced posting a job and receive inquires a lot less than expected? Or maybe you’ve received a fair number of inquiries but mostly are low-quality ones? If that’s the case, then chances are you’re not making your company visible to potential great employees.
  • A temporary employment agency can address this problem with its broad network of professionals possessing different skills. Once you work with an employment agency, all you have to do is to inform them about your needs, and they’ll be the ones to find the right candidates for you.
  • All aspects of the hiring process are taken care of: A temporary employment agency doesn’t stop with finding the right candidate. They’ll also handle other aspects of the hiring process, even the most time-consuming ones. Some agencies even conduct employee personality tests on your behalf. After they identify the right candidates, they do the initial interview, checking of reference, and testing of skills. They focus on providing staffing solutions, so you could expect everything about the hiring process for your job post to be completed faster.

Save On Hiring Costs And Time

As a company, you would want to focus on the primary aspects of your business rather than spending a lot of time finding employees. Filling an open position or role in a company takes time and money. It is estimated that hiring an employee takes up to 45 days to complete and cost up to 20 percent of that role’s salary rate. Those stats are frightening to employers. That’s the reason why many of them ask for assistance from temporary employment agencies.

Here’s the necessary process involved when farming out the process of hiring an employee to a third-party recruiter:

  • Once a position opens up in your company, you’ll need to have your partner recruiter or the temporary employment agency alerted.
  • Provide all the necessary details about the role that you’re looking to fill in. Specify some of the qualifications that you’re searching for.
  • The employment agency receives your job order and carefully go through the details of the position and the qualifications needed.
  • The recruiter looks into their network and finds a match.
  • The interview process follows after candidates are identified.
  • If necessary, training and seminars are provided to successful hires before being presented to your company and start working.

Temporary Employment Agencies Provide Training

This section reiterates the importance of having another team to provide the necessary training to new hires before starting with your company. The good thing about this is that third-party recruiters have all the tools to help new hires build and enhance skills. They use advanced digital onboarding tools as well as in-person onboarding strategies. Why is this significant to your company? Say, you’re trying to fill a project manager position, the recruiter ensures that the new hire has what it takes to manage projects successfully before being presented to you.

Manage Peak Seasons

All businesses have what they call the “peak season”. This peak season is the busiest time for your company, which usually happens during the holidays. As a business owner, what do you do to make sure that you can manage and maximize all the sales opportunities during these times?

Having enough stocks and inventory is not enough. You got to make sure that there’s an adequate staffing level to accommodate the increasing number of customers. This is when getting the help of temporary employment agencies is a must.

Here’s how you can benefit from temporary employment agencies in managing seasonal fluctuations:

  • Finding the right people: Most staffing needs for businesses during peak seasons are urgent. With the help of temporary employment agencies, finding people who have the experience and skills in your line of business becomes more comfortable and faster. Finding the right people means requiring a shorter amount of time to provide training and orientations.
  • Keep your customers satisfied: Attending to an increased number of customers during peak times can be a daunting challenge for companies. Customer service can make or break a business. Say, for example, your company has a new contract with a client that demands more workforce for you to deliver. Temporary staffing can help you give results and achieve targets.

Build A Long-Term Relationship

Aside from the things mentioned above, what other benefits you might expect from a staffing agency? There could be more, but the one that’s really worth mentioning is building a relationship with the temporary employment agency. In the long run, a recruiting agency might not only help you find the best employees for your business. It can also support you through ups and downs, too.

The process of bringing in new staff to join your company’s workforce is expensive and time-consuming. The cost rises more if you hire the wrong person. If your goal is to streamline the hiring process, then hiring through a temporary help agency may be what you need. A reputable agency gives you the chance to save time and money. You can handle business demands without losing focus on the most critical part: running your business.

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