12 Easy Things You Can Buy Used To Save Extra Money

Not everything has to be purchased brand new. Many things are still in perfectly good condition after being gently used, and “previously owned” equals saving money. Shop around and find some great deals on these 12 items that you don’t need to buy in brand-new condition:


When you know where to shop, there is absolutely no reason to buy jewelry brand new. The prices can be exorbitant, and you can find pieces in near-perfect condition for a fraction of the price by shopping online, at pawn shops, or through private dealers. The quality of diamonds is generally preserved, and of course, the size of the stones doesn’t change while selling jewelry, so as long as the appearance of the piece is acceptable you can save hundreds, even thousands of dollars by buying used jewelry.

Recreational Equipment

High-end grown-up toys like boats, RVs, jet skis, tents, etc, can quickly empty your bank account or put you in debt for years if you buy them brand new. However, these are types of items that are among the most in-demand among used items. Purchasing new means dealing with advertising mark-ups, taxes, and all the incidentals that get tacked on by the dealer. Most of the time when people purchase these items new, they take excellent care of them so that when the time comes that they are ready to sell, they can get a good price for it while still offering it at a discount since it is used. Take a little time to shop around, thoroughly check out the item being sold, and you will have yourself an awesome new toy and a pocketful of savings to enjoy it with.


Unless you just enjoy throwing your money away for absolutely no reason, buying a car or motorcycle brand new off the lot is an insane waste of money. With so many options available these days when it comes to buying used vehicles, you can now do so without the worry of getting stuck with a lemon. Virtually any type of vehicle you want can easily be found used and in good condition, at a savings of thousands of dollars. There is absolutely no reason to throw money away by purchasing a brand-new vehicle.


When it comes to clothing, and children’s clothing in particular, buying gently used secondhand items has become very popular. Considering how quickly kids outgrow clothes, it only makes good sense to show where you will get the best value for your money. Yard sales are a great place to find deals. Thrift stores are a treasure trove of clothing in great condition and at excellent prices for back-to-school, summertime, holiday dress clothing, all your kids’ needs. And the kids aren’t the only ones who will benefit. You can find fashions for yourself and your whole family. With all the size and style choices available at secondhand stores, it only makes sense to shop there and save money.


Whether they are for a handyman business professional or around-the-house use, used tools can be found at extremely good prices and in great condition. This is definitely a type of product that will save you a bundle of money purchasing secondhand rather than brand new. It isn’t too difficult to test them out and make sure that they are in good working order. Rather than spending hundreds of dollars on new tools and accessories, check around for websites and other places where used tools can be purchased. Yard sales are a great place to find tools at great prices. Always ask about testing the item before buying to make sure it works. Local places that are going out of business may have some tools for sale at a discount. Thrift stores usually carry some hand tools. Check out all the sources and when you see how much money you’ve saved, you’ll be glad you did.

Video Games

While it can be super exciting to be the first among your gamer friends to get the latest video game as soon as it is released, it’s much more feasible to purchase games once they become available at your local used video game store, or from an online site. If you must indulge in a newly-released game, limit yourself to only one or two per year, and choose only the ones you really want the most. Wait and buy the others at a used game store and you will save a bundle.


Books seem to gain a certain charm the more they are shared around and loved. Bookstores are chock full of classics as well as modern volumes, and knowing they have been previously enjoyed by other readers creates a sort of kinship between kindred spirits. Also, textbooks can be purchased used for major savings. When you buy textbooks in used condition you can save literally hundreds of dollars. College bookstores and websites like booksrun.com make it possible to rent textbooks or buy textbooks at impressive savings.


A brand new set of dishes can cost quite a bit of money, especially if you have a large family and you need a set that is larger than a basic set. Thrift stores are perfect for this kind of purchase. There are usually several sets of dishes to be found there, and generally in good condition. The same is true of flatware. You can save some cash and get a complete set of dishes as well as accessories at most secondhand shops.

Baby Items

From baby clothes to cribs to high chairs, used baby items in good condition are always a hot commodity. Thrift stores and consignment shops are good places to look for these items as the more reputable ones won’t accept items for sale that are damaged or stained. This is another kind of item that is a popular offering at yard sales but make sure you check the items over thoroughly for any broken parts or pieces and examine clothing for stains or tears, missing snaps, etc.

Exercise Equipment

Anyone who has ever considered purchasing exercise equipment of any kind knows the exorbitant prices of brand new items. Save yourself a lot of money by checking with local gyms to see if they are planning to get rid of any equipment. You may luck up on some real bargains. Thrift stores often carry smaller pieces such as free weights and exercise benches. Mountain bikes can also be found in secondhand stores quite often, and they are available through bike sharing programs. Always examine used exercise equipment to make certain it is in great condition for safety.


A lot of people think that when it comes to buying electronics, only buying new will do. However, electronics like cell phones, computers, laptops, TVs, etc, are perfectly fine when purchased in refurbished condition. Refurbished items are pre-owned and have been returned to the manufacturer to be spruced up and reset back to like-new condition. They are then sold at discount prices. Some even come with limited warranties. So rather than spending a small fortune on the latest gadgets, shop around and find the item you want in refurbished condition and save yourself some bucks.

Wedding or Prom Dresses

Formal dresses are one of the most extravagant expenses a woman will ever splurge on. When the time comes to make these purchases, forego the astronomical prices of the specialty shops and buy used rather than brand new. You will be shocked at the amount of money you will save while still getting your dream dress. Check online buy/sell pages first. Many women will put their gently used dresses up for sale close to prom season. Wedding dresses can be found at any time in consignment shops or online websites that specialize in pre-owned formal wear.

Musical Instruments/Equipment

The amount of money that can be saved by purchasing musical instruments used will amaze you. Even professional musicians seek out good equipment in used condition. Pawn shop, online websites, and music stores all offer previously owned items, all at a fraction of the price of what they would cost brand new. There can be a lot of history in pre-owned musical instruments, which is another bonus to shopping secondhand.

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