5 Things Every Business Should Keep In Mind About Packaging

Don’t know where to start when it comes to packaging your product? You’re not alone. Every business will have different needs of what to do with packaging. Still, there are some principles you can stick to if you want to increase your chances of coming up with truly effective packaging. Here are packaging rules to keep in mind when you want to move some serious product.

Stand Out

Perhaps you really admire a competitor’s wholesaler online packaging. Don’t emulate it; revolutionize it. Pinpoint the similar product you’d be willing to buy, and identify what on that package you could improve. When we make an effort to stand out, this doesn’t necessarily mean having the brightest, loudest packaging, either. One key feature, from the angles of the package itself to the logo, is enough to draw someone in.

Make It Identifiable

Look at your current packaging, or packaging concept. How would you describe it? If you described it to someone else who never saw it, could they envision what it looked like? While we want our packaging to be unique to our brand, and to stand out from similar products, we must avoid overdoing it and muddling the message. The best brands barely need to put their name on their packaging. Consumers already know what it is and who produced it based on packaging alone.

Be Honest

Consumers burned by buyer’s remorse will never, ever do business with you again. How does this happen? Sometimes, the package promises them something they don’t get. We see this all too often with food and cosmetics. The picture of the cookie looks delicious and full of chocolate chips, but the cookies inside of the bag contain very few chocolate chips. Hair products that promise silky, frizz-free hair get discarded daily because they didn’t deliver. Be honest on your packaging.

Complement The Product

Or, in many cases, be inspired by the product it contains. What makes your product what it is? The shape? The purpose? The packaging should reflect what is inside on a subconscious level. We see this all of the time with gender-specific products, and it really seems to work. Personal care items intended for men will have sharper angles and darker colors, while packaged goods for women will feature softer colors and fluid lines. Gender isn’t relevant to every product, but you want product and package to be a match on some level. If you goal is delivering happiness with your product, then the packaging should reflect that for everyone.

Engage Your Audience

Who is buying this, and can they be drawn in by package alone? Companies like PTI plastic packaging develop packaging solutions all of the time that have been designed with someone specific in mind. Is your product a throwback of something a fan of vintage goods would like? Is it meant to attract green consumers? The target consumer should get the feeling that the product they’re looking at is especially for them.

A lot goes into a spectacular product package. In addition to the features that help us sell the item, we have to consider cost and the level of protection it provides. If you’ve hit all of the right marks, you’ll never regret investing in the proper packaging for your product.

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