7 Reliable Money Control Alternatives For Real-Time Information

Money Control is one of India’s leading financial resource websites. Investors interested in keeping up with the news and trends of the market can find it all compiled in this financial portal. However, Money Control is primarily focused on India’s stock market. If you are an investor looking for a wide range of resources for the United States, we have some other suggestions for you. Keep reading below to find out the top alternatives to Money Control. Utilize them to maintain a mental health friendly relationship with finance and investing.

Market Watch

Market Watch is the perfect website to use if you want a site rife with information like Money Control. With live stats and data presented right at the top of the homepage, Market Watch is clearly dedicated to bringing you fast and accurate financial information. This site has everything from political news to personal finance tips so you can stay up to date on everything at once. For a site that provides the best shares to buy, stock market information and much more, consider visiting Market Watch.


The Investing website is a useful investment tool to stay in the know on all the latest marketing happenings. The website features information on all the global markets. You can learn about any company from Comox Valley to Silicon Valley. It also features helpful sections to browse through information at your own pace. You can browse through news, analysis, charts, technical, social trading, investment tools and even an education section. In addition, there is a section of the website tailored specifically to brokers. No matter what information you need or how advanced an investor you are, you are sure to find what you need on the Investing website.


Bloomberg is another popular business site that can be used in place of Money Control. This website is focused on providing all of the information you need to make sound business decisions. From market news to futures to currencies around the world, this is the perfect place for an investor with foreign interests like the Malaysia GDP growth. Bloomberg will provide you with world news that is guaranteed to live up to Money Control standards.

Yahoo! Finance

Yahoo! Finance is a great resource for users that want the latest financial news. If you have a Yahoo account, you can even log in and track your investments and other finances through their Portfolio option. Overall, Yahoo! Finance provides an easy to use, reliable resource from investors with interests in a variety of different markets. If you are interested in a finance site like Money Control that provides important, real time information about the stock market, this one is for you. In addition, you can even discover new listing management tools by using Yahoo Business Directory. Take advantage of all that this Money Control alternative has to offer.


CNBC is an excellent option for your financial resource needs. This is, primarily, because Money Control is powered by CNBC. Visiting their website, you will find live DOW information as well as dozens of articles regarding business and politics. For more investment content, CNBC has an entire section dedicated to trader talk, financial advisors and stock watchlists. You can find out all you want to know about ICAHN holdings in the click of a button. If you want a similar experience to Money Control, consider visiting CNBC for your financial information.

Seeking Alpha

Finally, Seeking Alpha is the financial resource site for investors that are looking for specific tips and tricks regarding strategy and stock investments. This site offers a unique look into the market through the eyes of other investors. If you want to see how highly a stock or water mutual fund is valued, this is the site to visit. Aside from crowd sourced content, Seeking Alpha also offers a professional subscription that features additional information, tips and consultations. For a fresh take on finance, visit Seeking Alpha.

Mobile Apps

Additionally, professionals are continuously developing advanced mobile applications that can replace Money Control. This alternative option allows investors to manage their finances and investments from anywhere. You can analyze your data and make well-informed decisions on-the-go. Moreover, you can purchase quality online financial software to add to your management processes.

Finding the perfect alternative to Money Control is possible. Whether you want the same reliable information through CNBC or a unique take on the market through Seeking Alpha, any of these sites could be perfect for you. Give them a try and see how these financial websites can help improve your investment strategy to have a real impact on your investment portfolio performance.

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