Stress Free Business Trips Are Possible With These Preparation Tips


Planning what you need for your business trip in advance will really take out any potential stress that can arise. The below tips will help you plan to make your trip run as smoothly as possible. Of course, even while using a travel host business, you will better prepared to help your company succeed by using these tips.

Do Not Forget the Essentials

  • Electrical plug adapters

You can get multi-adaptors for EU, UK and other types of electrical output in one handy gadget. These are always available in airports, but if you want to avoid a marked-up price tag, get yours online in advance and keep it for the future. This way, you can use your best VoIP provider no matter where you are in your journey.

  • Ear plugs and eye masks

An absolute must if you’re traveling to a different time zone, or merely in order to get a good sleep in bright and noisy surroundings such as hotels and plane cabins.

  • Neck pillows

Not all airlines come with a comfortable rest for your head; if you need to sleep on a flight to be well-rested for your vendor events but want to keep bulky items to a minimum, a self-inflating neck pillow is a handy solution.

Make A Checklist

You do not want to forget to pack anything when you get into business cars to head to the airport. That is why making a checklist is a must for business travel. In the last minute craziness of leaving for a business trip, you do not want to have to rely on yourself to remember every single thing you need to pack. Create a business trip packing checklist. Or, choose to create two – one for personal items and one for work things. Then, you can be sure to take everything you need to pack from the office before you head home to pack. Either way, make sure you have a packing list. Otherwise, you may forget something crucial and add even more stress to an already anxiety-ridden situation.


Booking travel with colleagues can present issues if you need to be in contact or discussing business. Being seated together is useful – ensure booking is completed at the same time on a single account to be able to be seated with your colleagues. Packages with Statesman Travel Group are on offer to help you combine all your travel needs in one – a bonus if you’re travelling in a group.

Charging Your Devices

Portable phone and laptop chargers are a great way to stay connected at all times, especially if you are expected to be constantly in contact with colleagues and clients. This is true even if you just want to check the most recent NFL futures updates. If you can, pack spare phone and laptop batteries if the models you have will allow. Flights sometimes will be delayed, so preparation is key if you expect to be without a power output for any length of time.

Practical Tips

Keep your documents in one safe place; a special compartment in your carry-on luggage kept separate from other documents is convenient for quick retrieval and re-storage. If you need to be working from documents during travel, keep them in a dedicated folder in your cabin bag that can be readily stored and perused without internet connection – make sure you have these backed up on cloud storage so they can be retrieved. Most importantly, save your work regularly and check in-flight availability of WIFI – increasingly, airlines will provide this on long-haul flights.

Get Some Rest

This is definitely one of the most crucial aspects of successful business travel that too many professionals forget. To make sure that you have successful, productive business trips now and in the future, always be sure to get enough sleep before and during the trip. You cannot function to your fullest potential if you are tired, and this is especially true if you are dealing with jet lag on top of the usual drowsiness. It is tempting to explore the city nightlife when traveling for business, but it is crucial to make getting enough a sleep a priority. Instead of going out, order some Cicis pizza to your room and head to bed early.

Airlines and airports usually have facilities for business clients regardless of whether you use Flighthub or some other booking agent – do your research beforehand to judge what’s available and whether these perks are worth it for your trip. Follow these tips and your trip should be pleasant and stress free.

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