How Tungsten Carbide Increases Profits In Major Industries

The cutting tools industry is an industry that has always “pushed the envelope” in a sense. It is one of the top leaders in producing and implementing new technologies. For cutting tool users, it’s very important to be aware of all the changes and advancements being made in the industry, especially in the area of tool materials. Toughness, hardness, and wear resistance are the characteristics needed in cutting tools in order for them to produce good quality parts. Such characteristics are found in parts and tools that contain tungsten carbide.

It has become a staple that many businesses in different industries are reliant upon. For example, medical businesses use carbide. If a patient needs a hip replacement, the surgeon is going to need tools comprised of quality materials. Surgeons need tools will allow precise cutting, can withstand various conditions, and will last over an extended period of time. The fact that carbide has abilities to last is one of its most attractive features.

Tungsten carbide is completely recyclable and has a good recycle profit. Because of its recycle profit, many manufacturers have the incentive to continue producing the compound. For this reason, businesses all over the world want to continue buying various materials made from it. Continue reading to learn about the industries that utilize tungsten carbide.

Industry Sector Stats

From 2012 to 2017, the aerospace industry was the sector that had the highest demand for cutting tools but with the growth of other sectors like oil and gas, aerospace has fallen behind these sectors. The medical sector is one that will remain at a stable pace but as the demand for cutting tools evolve, the industries that need it are shifting and adapting with the changes and advancements.

Because the cutting tools industry is making such great advancements with carbide materials, more and more customers are looking for vendors that understand its demand and have available offerings of various products that can benefit their business. Take a look at the common items made from the versatile compound and the many industries that use it.

Common Items Made From Carbide

Because quality matters more than quantity, many businesses in different industries look for products made from quality materials that are able to withstand extreme conditions with high-performance. Business owners strive to find manufacturers who use carbide. Some of the common items made from the versatile compound include:

  • Jewelry
  • Surgical/medical instruments
  • Machinery tools and accessories (drill bits, rods, preforms, etc.)
  • Mining equipment
  • Industries Utilizing Carbide

Machinery Industry

Businesses that deal with machinery, as well as the tools and accessories that go with the different machines, are exposed to various temperatures. They, therefore, can be rendered useless once exposed. That means that extensive amounts of money are being spent to replace those parts that have been ruined or worn down. Had those businesses purchased their materials from a company that solely sells products composed of carbide, they wouldn’t have to constantly replace parts. Companies such as manufacture carbide products and solutions. Business owners conducting business within this industry need to find the best manufacturers in order to succeed.

Jewelry Industry

Many consumers purchase jewelry that turns their skin green and/or rusts. Jewelry made from cheap materials is the cause of those types of metal reactions. However, jewelers have gotten hip to the world of carbide. In fact, jewelers are now creating wedding and engagement rings that are composed of carbide in it. The material’s scratch-resistant qualities increases product worth.

Incorporating carbide in various jewelry pieces is a great selling point for customers because of the scratch-resistant quality. Carbide is the very element that will add credibility to any jewelry business. So, if you do have a jewelry business or are thinking of starting one, one of the first things you need to consider is your material options from jewelry manufacturers. Search for a manufacturer who uses carbide. If you offer consumers pieces made out of high quality materials, you will succeed in selling jewelry for a living.

Medical Industry

Carbide continues to make strides in the medical industry as well. Surgeons rely heavily on surgical instruments that give them the highest performance. Carbide instruments are better than stainless steel instruments for surgeons. After all, carbide is much heavier than stainless steel. Surgeons prefer carbide because heavier tools make it easier to maintain a firm grip. For example, forceps made from carbide make surgery much easier in the operating room. They lead to high performance among surgeons, which then lead to successful procedures.

The way carbide is incorporated into the surgical instruments is by way of creating inserts that are micro-bonded to the working parts of a particular instrument. By doing that, it allows instruments to be sharpened less and it holds up much longer than other instruments made of other metals.

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