5 Types Of Law Practices To Open For A Profitable Business

There are many sorts of law a lawyer can practice. With the precision required to understand the law and represent clients in it, a lawyer has to focus on one or a few specialties. As a hard-working law student, you might be wondering what sort of law to go into after graduation. If you are in the process of finding a mentor, they can share some options. The various types of law practices vary in terms of the type of work, clients, and the issues. Choosing the right type of law for you can be daunting. Here are the types of law practices to open.


Arbitration is a fascinating new type of legal work. It is a non-legal form of binding mediation. Two parties agree that if they have a disagreement in their professional conduct they won’t sue each other. Instead, they present their cases to a mediator who examines the facts and rules on a solution that the parties agree to follow. This ensures that their dispute does not have to go to a costly trial. As an arbitration lawyer, you can arrange these agreements and serve as the mediator if necessary. These sort of legal ensures courts are not burdened with unnecessary lawsuits.

Business Law

Business or corporate law is a great type of law if you prefer consulting to trying cases. Corporate lawyers focus on the legal aspects of corporations. Corporate law includes simple tasks like writing a corporate resolution to open a bank account. Or, it can require managing mergers and internal restructuring. You might also handle disputes between businesses. Additionally, they protect corporation clients who violate federal or international statutes. While this work is focused on studying paperwork, it can be a very lucrative practice.

Criminal Law

Criminal law focuses on individuals who violate local, state, and federal laws. You can take two paths on to practice this type of law. You can become a prosecutor and serve the state in upholding the law. Or, you can also open a defense practice and defend people accused of breaking the law. According to DWI Attorney, Alli Cannon, “Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) cases are complex and require a vast knowledge of the law.” This sort of law features heavy court work and involves working closely with accused criminals. This sort of law is essential for the operation of civil society and can be a rewarding practice.

Bankruptcy Law

You can make a good career helping companies or individuals through bankruptcy. The laws surrounding bankruptcy are very complicated. As a result, specialized firms help the people who are trying to file. As a bankruptcy lawyer, you’d advise people on what sort of bankruptcy would work best for them and would help them through the process. This service involves working with people who are often distressed and easing them into the bankruptcy process. This sort of law serves a needed purpose for people who are at the end of their rope.

Personal Injury Law

On of the most visible types of law is personal injury. As a personal injury lawyer, you’ll represent people who have been hurt in an accident. This is a common type of practice because such lawyers are needed to handle car accidents. This makes the market for these lawyers competitive. You will need a strong elevator pitch about yourself. While these lawyer don’t have a great reputation, they do protect people who have been hurt by people’s negligence. If you enjoy helping people and have a flair for marketing, personal injury might be the sort of practice for you.

There are many good types of law to pursue. Arbitration helps people sort out their differences without the courts. Business law helps corporate entities sort out legal issues. Criminal law deals with people who break the law. Bankruptcy law helps people navigate declaring bankruptcy. Personal injury law handles people who are hurt in accidents. Any of these types of law would make a great practice for you.

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