Develop An Elevator Pitch About Yourself To Accomplish Your Goals

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Whatever field you work in, the competitive nature of the job market can make it difficult to stand out. Any job seeker should add a dynamic elevator pitch about yourself to your job seeking tools. An elevator pitch allows you to articulate your skills and value in under a minute. Here is how to create an elevator pitch about yourself that helps you land your dream job.

Keep It Concise

The origin of the elevator pitch is the idea that you should be able to pitch yourself to someone you were in an elevator with from the bottom floor to the top. This means more or less a minute. In reality, an elevator pitch can take place anywhere. Networking events, cocktail parties, and job interviews are all opportunities to present your elevator pitch. In each scenario, you do not want to waste valuable time droning on about yourself. Make sure that your elevator pitch fits that original time frame. This will allow you to highlight your skills without boring someone you are looking to impress. A short and sweet elevator pitch about yourself will help you stand out in a positive way to potential employers.

Toot Your Own Horn

Although you want to keep your elevator pitch to the point, make sure the point highlights your strengths. You likely are used to trying to steer away from bragging. However, in your elevator pitch that is the whole point. Focus on specific examples of what you have accomplished. Do not be afraid to give yourself credit for your accomplishment. You are your own biggest advocate in your job hunt. Use your elevator pitch to focus on your positive qualities and accomplishments.

Know Your Audience

When you present your elevator pitch, it is important to tailor it to your specific audience. For example, if you have experience in more than one field, focus on the one which the person you are talking to works in. This will allow you to effectively present the value you bring to them, as opposed to losing their interest. Make sure your elevator pitch about yourself is engaging to your audience for it to lead to a job in your desired field.

Have A Goal

Any good elevator pitch ends with a call to action. Be sure to explicitly state what you hope to accomplish or a specific career goal. Follow this up by offering your business card. You can also suggest a time to meet about potential opportunities. Without a goal, you are just rambling about yourself for a minute. Practice makes perfect, so be sure to include your call to action when you are going over your pitch. Use your goals to create an elevator pitch about yourself that will help you achieve them.

An elevator pitch is a tool you as a job seeker can have on hand at all times. You never know when you will be meeting someone who can open a career door for you, so be sure to have your pitch prepared. Focus on selling yourself. Lead with your strengths and wrap up with what you hope to accomplish in the future. Include these points and your elevator pitch will place you in your dream job.

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