What Are The Top Types Of CapEx Investments For Your Business?

There are several top types of CapEx investments for your business. All business types, such as health facilities, retail stores and restaurants, require various assets that can be used for a long period of time. These assets, or capital expenditures (CapEx), include equipment, tools and property. As a business owner, there are different CapEx options that are worth investing in for your company. Here are the top types of CapEx investments for your business.

Buildings And Properties

First, buildings and properties are a top CapEx investment for your business. Upgrading to or purchasing a new space is considered a capital purchase. A capital purchase is an asset that can be purposeful for several years. However, you are not limited to that building. You would only have to occupy it for more than a year. For example, investing in a property to run your daycare franchise. More so, you can purchase property for your business through a secured debt or a mortgage. Of course, both will continue to be paid as you utilize the property or building. Surely, a top CapEx investment for any business operation would be a building or property.

Proprietary Equipment

Secondly, proprietary equipment is a popular CapEx investment for any business type. Typically, this asset is a small section of a complex system. For example, it can be an integrated asset of engineering equipment. Evaluate the proprietary technology you need and interact with the market. Interact as soon as possible as negotiations can include lengthy and complex trade discussions. Of course, most proprietary manufacturers conduct business with local suppliers. However, you are not forced to deal with the same suppliers. Certainly, this investment works best for industries such as paper/pulp, mining or oil/gas. Definitely consider proprietary equipment as a CapEx investment for your company.


Next, consider land as a CapEx investment for your business. Land is a popular CapEx option as it’s value usually does not reduce in value. As a result, the land generally doesn’t deprecate. Mining and construction operations should consider investing in land. Additionally, you can invest in land improvements, where the value can be capitalized and deprecated. This is because the land may be used for operations such as creating a road or garden. Meanwhile, other land improvements are seen as land prepping and are not usually deprecated. Community operations such as creating a parking lot or a community garden should consider investing in land improvement options. Surely, land could be a efficient CapEx investment for your business.


Additionally, you can invest in vehicles as a CapEx option for your business. Since company vehicles carry out business operations and can be used for many years, it is considered a capital expense. However, you must buy the vehicle as leasing it is considered an operational expense. Many establishments, such as healthcare, restaurants and construction, need vehicles to complete daily activities. These activities include transporting goods, services and passengers. For example, restaurants need vehicles to deliver food to customers while healthcare facilities need cars to transport patients. More so, professional movers need a truck for hire by businesses moving their offices. Furthermore, operations dealing with construction and plumbing conduct business out of their vehicles. They keep tools and equipment in their trucks as they travel from property to property. Certainly, cars are a top CapEx investment for several businesses.

Here are some examples of heavy equipment and machinery:


Finally, especially in today’s digital environment, technology may be a good CapEx investment for your business. Purchase digital equipment for your office such as computers, laptops and cell phones. More so, CapEx covers the purchase or upgrade of certain software and the patents or copyrights for the technology used. Of course, with the correct resources and budget, you can purchase these items up front. In fact, most of this equipment is stated under Section 179 as a tax deduction. As a result, if you purchase a computer system for $800, you will be able to deduct $250 from your expenses that year. Certainly, consider technology as a CapEx investment for your company.

There are various CapEx options to investment in for your business. First, consider investing in buildings and properties for a useful asset that can be used for several years. Secondly, invest in proprietary equipment to obtain a small aspect of a total system. Additionally, you can invest in a company vehicle to transport business goods, services and customers. Next, you can consider land and land improvement options if you work in a mining, construction or community organization. Finally, invest in technology to buy computers, laptops and other devices while earning a tax deduction. These are the top types of CapEx investments for your business.

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