5 Best Types Of Mental Health Degrees For Therapy Careers

Job competition in the mental health sector has risen due to colleges and universities offering more advanced mental health degrees. As an HR professional, you need to know the degrees needed for various therapy careers. Moreover, you need to be able to separate the just-qualified from the exceptional candidates. Those who cannot have issues completing their hiring manager recruitment duties. If you want to provide your business with top talent, you need to hire candidates who have advanced degrees. In this post, you will discover the best types of mental health degrees for therapy careers.

Counseling Psychology Doctorate

One of the best types of mental health degrees for therapy careers is a doctoral degree in counseling psychology. Graduates with their doctorate degrees meet criteria for more advanced roles. Hence, they are excellent candidates for executive recruiting. They can provide therapy services in school systems, hospitals and community centers. Furthermore, they can teach future therapists at universities. If you need to find a professional to fill a role at any of these institutions, you need to find candidates with their doctorate degrees in counseling psychology. It is, after all, one of the best types of mental health degrees for therapy careers.

Family Therapy Master’s Degree

Another great mental health degree is a family therapy Master’s degree. Those who have this degree obtained expertise in marriage and family services. Thus, they qualify for family therapy roles over individuals with a less specialized degree. While a Master’s degree in counseling or therapy does benefit graduates in their careers, they do not focus on one specific department of therapy in college. Therefore, they do not have the same amount of skills as a Master of Family Therapy. If you need to fill a family therapist role, look for a candidate with this degree.

Social Work Master’s Degree

Successful HR professionals also look for candidates with their social work Master’s degree. This is one of the best mental health degrees for social work roles. The programs include courses on various industry-specific lessons. These lessons include making diagnoses, group counseling and individual counseling. Programs at accredited schools also include classes on case management and advocacy. With these particular lessons, students graduate with immense knowledge about social working. Thus, HR professionals choose them to fill social work roles over candidates with more generalized mental health degrees.

Nursing Degree

Candidates with mental health degrees in nursing qualify for psychiatric nurse positions. Psychiatric nurses work with mentally ill, hospitalized patients. These patients suffer from conditions such as schizophrenia. Psychiatric nurses also provide services to patients who have undergone mental trauma. They provide behavioral therapy for their patients as well as therapy for patients’ loved ones. Since psychiatric nurses are responsible for a wide variety of patients and duties, you need to find the perfect candidate to fill such a role. To do so, look for those who earned their nursing degrees and finished 2,000 hours of work experience in the industry. If your business is trying to hire interns that want to become psychiatric nurses, hire hardworking students and assist them in completing their 2,000 hours.

Master’s Degree In Art Therapy

Finally, art therapy mental health degrees set students up for success. Those who graduate with Master’s degrees in art therapy have more experience in the role than those who graduated with Master’s degrees in counseling. They gained more skills specific to art therapy, making them better candidates. They qualify to work in settings such as hospitals, mental health clinics and schools. When trying to hire for an art therapist position, look for candidates who earned their Master’s in art therapy and completed internships in the field.

Since the competition in the mental health industry is growing, HR professionals need to learn how to choose the best candidates for various positions. If you are hiring for an advanced role in a high-end institution, look for doctors in counseling psychology. A candidate with their family therapy Master’s degree qualifies for marriage and family therapist roles. When hiring for social work therapists, look for candidates who earned Master’s degrees in the specific field over those with more generalized degrees. Nursing graduates can become psychiatric nurses and provide behavior therapy services to mentally ill hospital patients. Masters of Art Therapy acquired more knowledge throughout their schooling than candidates with their bachelor degrees. Keep these top mental health degrees in mind when providing counseling companies with hiring assistance.

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