5 Types Of Merchandising Displays That Encourage Sales

Retail stores use merchandising displays to promote and market products. Brands use these tools to grab consumers’ attention through a variety of advertising tactics. Some marketers tell stories through their displays. Others use buzzwords to attract customers. Either way, these displays are crucial to drive foot traffic to your retail store. You need to apply the best visual merchandising tactics in order to out-do your neighboring stores. Read this post to learn about the types of merchandising displays that encourage sales.

POP Displays

One of the best merchandising displays is known as point of purchase (POP). This type of merchandising display works well for inexpensive, popular items. Typically, marketers place POP displays near the cash register. This location is the prime impulse buying area. You can easily persuade consumers to purchase cheap products when they are waiting in line to pay. They are already spending capital, so they figure that spending an extra $5 is not a big deal. For your brand, convincing every customer to pick up a $5 item can increase profits significantly. Consider conveniently placing POP displays near the checkout section of your store to encourage sales. Use this advice to excel in the retail industry.

Dump Bins

Consider using dump bins as a merchandising display as well. Similar to POP displays, dump bins encourage impulse buying. When consumers think of dump bins, they automatically assume that the contents are cheap, individually packaged items. Many retail shops fill dump bins with candy, head bands, socks and other inexpensive products. With a well-designed sign above the bins, you can attract shoppers easily. Highlight the sale with a “50% off” sign or use a “$5” advertisement to persuade consumers. These displays work best in the center of retail stores, where they receive the most foot traffic. Use this product merchandising idea to drive sales for your brand.

Table Displays

Additionally, create branded table displays to showcase items in-store. Some marketing teams use traditional tables to layout their products. However, unique tables usually catch more consumers’ eyes. Consider using a tiered table to show off more items at once. The abundance of clothing, food or gadgets will attract consumers quickly. More so, get creative with the texture of your table. Rather than using a simple wooden table, try out a metal piece to stand out. Decorate your tables with seasonal decor to persuade shoppers even more. Take advantage of this retail merchandising display to boost in-store sales.

Display Windows

Successful marketing teams particularly use their creativity to design persuasive display windows. This type of merchandising display targets consumers walking outside of your shop. Hence, it is one of the most influential displays to utilize. This is one of the best opportunities for you to tell your brand’s story. Use your mannequins, props and products to create a real-life situation in your store’s window. When consumers can imagine themselves in your products, they are more likely to enter your store. More so, apply trending language to your window display signs. Use hashtags from social media and texting lingo to drive millennials to your location. The possibilities are endless when it comes to this type of merchandising display.

Digital Displays

Finally, brick-and-mortar locations can still drive sales through technology. Create digital displays to impress high-tech shoppers in your store. You can use touchscreen walls to create interactive displays. Purchase a large flat-screen television to hang on your store’s wall. Create digital advertisements to portray on it. Constantly build new ads for sales, promotions and new product launches. Most consumers will notice the screen as soon as they enter your store. Thus, it is a great place to showcase special, limited-time offers. You can even get creative with videos and animated elements. Use your marketing skills to encourage sales through digital merchandising displays.

Effective visual merchandising increases engagement and sales. Use POS displays to persuade shoppers to impulse buy small products. With the proper point of sale equipment in place, you can drive sales easily. Place dump bins in the center of your store to attract consumers from all angles. Moreover, get creative with your table displays to stand out from other shops. Tell stories through your window displays as well. Furthermore, impress younger generations through digital displays in your store. Encourage sales with these best types of merchandising displays.

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