How To Use Bubble Wrap In Bulk Shipping Quantities

eCommerce has redefined how we do business. In the past 10 years, we have seen shipping costs drop as companies use Magento enterprise and shipping to fulfill orders. On top of that, businesses are investing carefully in their supply chain. To increase efficiencies and lower costs, the bubble wrap history is changing drastically too. The innovation in the packaging and shipping supplies allows fulfillment to decrease their material costs. To save more money on operations, learn how operations managers can use bulk bubble wrap in several different ways.

Traditional Bubble Wrap

The classic air bubble wraps come in bubble rolls. The rolls are typically perforated with 1/2″ of height. These are the good old air bubbles that “POP” when you press them. The air bubbles can be used to wrap products along with sealing tape. Often times, they are used for cushioning craft business products that might get damaged during shipping. If your company needs a bulk wrap option, the traditional packing wrap is a classic choice.

Large Size Bubble Wrap

Next, your business can buy large-bubble air pockets. These wraps typically have bubbles that are nearly 1″ high in diameter. They work for over-sized products like an RNR custom tires franchise. If your company is shipping larger products in bulk, these over-sized bubbles might the right fit for you. Additionally, they have been used to take up excess spaces in boxes. Whether you need padded protection for packing large products or air pockets to take up space, these over-sized bubbles can get the job done.

Custom Bulk Bubble Wrap

Sometimes, companies ship variously sized fragile products using custom bubble air sizes. These innovative bubble wrap solutions offer varies inflation heights. Instead of buying pre-inflated bubble wrap in bulk, your company can inflate the bubbles on premise. This added feature minimized material costs because you only use the space you need. Certainly, the totally customized option of self inflated bubbles offer increased flexibility in bulk.

Bulk Air-Filled Cushions

Online retailers are utilizing air cushions in bulk. These are cushions are like bubble wrap without the “pop.” Instead of lots of little air pocket bubbles, these cushions contain one main pocket. Used to occupy space, your company can use the cushion to secure objects within boxes. While these unique “fill-air” bubbles are lighter to ship, they are also cheaper to buy. On both fronts, your supply chain can reduce costs on shipping products.

Eco-Friendly Bubble Wrap

When operating in bulk quantities, bubble wrap can have a lasting impact on the environment. Rather than using traditional plastic shipping supplies, you can buy environmentally friendly materials. Some bubble wrap and air cushion companies have recycled plastic and oxo-degradable options. To be more socially responsible, your company can buy these bulk Eco-friendly shipping supplies. You will save on costs to your bottom line and the environment.

The bubble wrap history is changing as more companies need bulk quantities. To help your company supply chain, start out with some classic wrap. As you buy bulk sealed air, scale up to more innovative solutions to keep your products safe. Especially for electronics and fragile items, use a combination of cushions to maximize your protection. Of course, this can all be done while continuing to lower costs by investing in your types of bubble wrap technology.

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