5 Applicable Value-Added Objectives Of A Recruiter Agency

rHuman resources professionals involved with the hiring process should be aware of the value-added objectives of a recruiter agency. In general, highly regarded staffing companies provide services that far outweigh the fees they charge. If you have ever worked with a good recruiter to fill a position, you may concur. After all, these companies specialize in an area that can monopolize much of your time. Once you establish a relationship with a staffing agency that guarantees a perfect hire, you may find it difficult to sever ties. Indeed, their services are beneficial and some HR executives would deem them as essential. Demanding human resources professionals should read on for the value-added objectives of a recruiter agency.

Shorten The Hiring Process

When you use a recruiter agency, it can help shorten the hiring process. As an HR professional, you know how much time this takes. Factor in the size of your staff and you could be in this for the long haul for just one hire. No doubt that working with a skeleton crew certainly limits the time you have for screening candidates. Conversely, staffing companies are adept at the hiring process and have a streamlined system in place. Naturally, it is what they do best. Their optimized procedures help HR managers employ qualified applicants in a fraction of the time of the DIY method. By hiring a recruiter agency, you will likely see a reduction in the time it takes to employ a qualified candidate.

Find Someone With A Special Skill Set

It is time to use a recruiter agency if you are looking to find someone with a special skill set. Staffing firms are equipped to evaluate potential employees for the proficiencies your company requires. They have resources to properly assess a person’s skill level to verify a fit. Of course, it can still be tempting to keep the process in-house since you are the resident expert on the company’s culture. However, judicious human resource professionals are aware that taking this on internally can be a costly mistake. Carefully consider the competencies of the position when you are seeking the services of a recruiter agency. Doing so will allow them to focus on the best candidates for the open seat.

Employee Retention

Astute HR managers know that employee retention is beneficial to the company in many ways and staffing companies can play a pivotal role. Recruiter agencies are dedicated to finding the candidate that will be with you for the long haul. In fact, they typically include some sort of guarantee about the applicants they recommend. Before you hire an agency, check the terms that address this rebate period. They should provide either compensation for the lost hire or free services for a suitable replacement. Although this assurance does not promise improved employee retention rates, it can offer piece of mind to human resource executives. After all, if a new hire leaves for any reason, you have a team of professionals ready and able to help find a replacement.

Access To An Extensive Network Of Candidates

Established staffing companies have access to an extensive network of candidates that can help you in your search. Their talent pool encompasses those actively seeking employment and those who are not currently in job market. Equally important, both groups can provide recruiters with additional connections, facilitating the expansion for the ideal candidate. Indirectly, HR managers are leveraging this network which would not be accessible without the relationship with the recruiter agency. This is particularly important if you are looking for a person with a unique set of skills. With access to a large network of candidates, you can potentially fill the position in a more timely manner. Also, by hiring a staffing company, there is a higher likelihood of finding the person best-suited for the role. 

Give You Time To Focus On Other Responsibilities

Working with a recruiter agency gives you time to focus on other responsibilities. Human resource professionals are keenly aware of the time-consuming nature of this task. First, you have to write the posting and submit it to job sites for approval. Then you are tasked with reviewing resumes, vetting promising prospects and interviewing applicants. If you are fortunate to find the right talent, you will continue the process with checking references. Finally, you can begin the onboarding process for new hires with all of its associated responsibilities. Of course, you still have a role in selecting the person to fill the position. However, by hiring a staffing company, HR executives can eliminate the bulk of the heavy lifting.

The value-added objectives of a recruiter agency help human resource professionals in many ways. Their services can shorten the hiring process and find talent that requires a special skill set. They offer terms in their agreements that support employee retention. Additionally, reputable staffing companies have access to an extensive network of candidates. Using a recruiter to help with the hiring process gives you time to focus on other responsibilities. If you are a busy HR executive, consider the value-added objectives of a recruiter agency the next time you are looking to fill a vacancy.


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