5 Simple Product Video Examples For eCommerce Conversions

There are many examples of simple product videos to make eCommerce conversions. Video is one of the best ways to engage customers on any advertising platform. Highlighting a product with clever marketing can drive sales and create more traffic around your content. You may use this for enterprise resource marketing. As an operations manager, you should make sure your marketing team is giving the customer a great experience in every ad campaign. Read on for simple product video examples for eCommerce conversions.

Show Your Product In Action

To begin, show your product working in a simple product video to create eCommerce conversions. Create a simple video highlighting your online business product in action. Show what makes your product different from your competitors by highlighting unique features you offer. Show, rather than tell how your product looks in action to engage customers and leave a lasting impression. Especially if you have a software company, showing the features of your product in a video can be remarkably important. Surely, show your product in action as an example to create a simple video that generates eCommerce conversions.

Focus On The Problem Your Product Solves

Second, a great example of a simple product video to create eCommerce conversions is one that focuses on a potential customer’s problems. Problems in an industry are asking for clever solutions like the product you offer. Create a video that makes your potential customer feel understood. After the problem is highlighted, briefly show what your product is capable of about solving the issue. The important piece of a simple video like this is making your customer feel like your company understands them, not necessarily your product itself. Definitely, a simple video example of highlighting the customer’s problem will make them feel understood and generate eCommerce conversions.

Creative Humor Ads

Further, use creative humor in your simple product video to make eCommerce conversions. Use a gentle mockup of competitors’ product design pitfalls to engage your customer. Nothing bothers a client more than a silly shortsighted design. Highlight what your competitors missed and you got right in a video that makes a consumer laugh. Create a character that represents your product with a fun name. Have them compete with “the other guy” to visually represent why your product is superior. The absurdity of your ad will engage your customer, be creative. Of course, creative humor in a simple product video is sure to make eCommerce conversions.

Customer Made Videos

Next, use customer made video in a simple way to drive eCommerce conversions. Your already happy clients are great testimonials just waiting to be used. Reach out to customers who have posted about your product on social media and ask for permission to use their content. Vary the types of video you’re gathering from your happy customers. Show them using the product, talking about the product, and buying the product. Find out what your customers love about your product while compiling the content and highlight it in your final compilation. This method saves time in shooting video. In short, videos your customers make are a great example of product advertising to drive eCommerce conversions.

Use Simplicity In Product Videos

To continue, product videos highlighting their own simplicity are a great example to make eCommerce conversions. You don’t need money to achieve this. Use short, concise messaging to maintain your audience’s attention while packing a powerful punch. A video with only the necessities feels confident to a viewer. Show the potential customer that you don’t need frills to stand out – your product is enough. Big brands use this tactic to make their product seem accessible and powerful. Remove unnecessary background to make your product look like the center of attention when you create the video. In summary, simple product videos are a great example for driving eCommerce conversions.

There are many examples of simple product videos to use when trying to increase eCommerce conversions. First use a video that shows your product in action to make it feel tangible. Second, focus on the problem your product solves in a short video to identify with your customer. Then, use creative humor to engage your customer and stick in their memory. Fourth, use videos your happy customers made as testimonials to the value your product provides. Next, use simplicity to make an impactful statement about how your product can be used to benefit the customer. The above examples are greater simple videos for maximizing eCommerce conversions.

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