5 Video Interviewing Strategies To Improve Candidate Recruitment

Video Interviewing is an increasingly popular option among HR professionals. Video interviews are more personal than phone interviews and are often more convenient than in-person interviews.They are also more common as more employees work remotely. Remote interviews, however, are not conducted in quite the same way as in-person interviews. There are several nuances that you need to consider when conducting a video job interview that you do not need to think about during in-person interviews. When executed correctly the video interviewing process can be an extremely effective one. If you are an HR professional who wants to conduct video interviews, consider these five ways to optimize your video interview process.

Familiarize Yourself With The Technology

Foremost, you must familiarize yourself with the technology you will be using to conduct your video interview. With all the advantages of internet use in business, you are likely already familiar with much of the underlying technology. Test the quality of the camera and take note of how your face appears on the monitor. Try to use an external microphone to improve audio quality. This way you will avoid the pick up of any unwanted sounds or echo by the speakers. Speak into the microphone as you will during the interview to test the audio levels. Pay attention to the volume and clarity of your voice. Before you conduct the interview, quit any unnecessary applications that use up bandwidth to improve the speed of your internet connection. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the technology you will use for video interviewing.

Enhance Your Presentation

You need to enhance your presentation in order to optimize your video interviewing process. The presentation you give off during your video presentation is everything. In many cases, it sets your first impression of a candidate aside from their resume. Many business owners allow the video environment to create a more relaxed interview process. However, your video procedure should be like any traditional interview. Wear formal attire to set the right impression to prospective candidates. At the same time, ensure that you are directly facing the camera, and that your body is in central view. It is most efficient to conduct interviews at your desk, or another productive workspace. Whichever space you choose, be sure that it is organized and maintains an efficient appearance. You can even consider an angle that shows off your collaborative workspace. In order to guarantee efficiency during your video interviews, you need to enhance your presentation.

Decide On An Interview Type

You will also need to decide on the type of video interview that you want to conduct. There are two distinct options for video interviewing. These are one-way and two-way video interviews. For one-way interviews, you send a list of questions to a candidate and they make a video recording of their response. This is a good option for a first round interview where you are trying to narrow down your selection. During a two-way interview, both you and the applicant are involved in a conversation. You will need to schedule a set time to conduct a two-way interview. This option is slightly less convenient but it gives you an opportunity to know your candidate better. This is also an opportunity to ask follow-up questions to determine if they will be the right fit. Depending on your needs, decide on the video interview type that is right for you.

Choose The Right Environment

When conducting a video conference, meeting or interview, it is important to choose the right environment. You should conduct your video interview in a quiet, private place that is well lit. Position yourself in front of a neutral background that is free from clutter or distractions. Assure that you will be free from all possible interruptions while conducting your video interview. Limit any distracting background noise and direct all incoming calls to voice mail to avoid disruptions. You should also be sure that you are in a place where your internet connection has a bandwidth speed of at least 1 megabits per second. It is important to choose the right environment to optimize your video interview process.

Prepare Your Presentation Questions

Prepare your presentation questions beforehand when you are video interviewing. You should have a good idea about what your primary interests and concerns are for your candidate. Compile a list of appropriate situational and behavioral questions to ask before the video interview. You can also give the applicant a case study or an open-ended question before the interview with the expectation that they will present their answer during your discussion. Remember that you are selling your company to the applicant as well. Practice presenting a short job description before you conduct the interview so you know what to say and are familiar with the process. When planning your video process, prepare your interview questions beforehand.

Know How To Spot Red Flags

You should also know how to spot red flags when conducting a video interview. Video interviewing can reveal a lot about what your applicant is really like. It is important, at this stage, to be aware of how to spot any red flags that may present themselves. Pay attention to your candidate’s body language and any unusual eye contact. If it looks like they are checking their email or doing something else during the video interview, this is not a good sign. Additionally, be sure that they have an appropriate video chat address that fits your company’s values. If it is difficult to find a good time to schedule the video interview, this could be another red flag. Be sure that you know how to spot red flags when using video interviewing to find your next hire.

Video interviewing is a good way for HR professionals to find their company’s next employee. The process is essentially the same as a tradition in-person interview. You follow the same formality, ask the same interview questions, and maintain the same tone. There are some ways to best optimize the video interview process. Test audio and video equipment to familiarize yourself with the technology before conducing your video interview. Based on your needs, decide between one-way or two-way video interviewing. Choose a private and distraction free environment to conduct your interview. Prepare your presentation questions in advance and know how to spot red flags while you are interviewing applicants. Use the five methods mentioned above if you want to optimize your video interviewing process.

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