How To Use Video Marketing To Attract Top Talent

Marketing is used for many things. Not only do businesses market their products and services to consumers, but businesses must also market to job seekers. One of the best types of content to use when hiring and recruiting is videos. Contrary to popular belief, you do not need to hire an employment agency to create and use videos to attract talent to your company. You can create quality videos and use them effectively all on your own.

Using video content allows you to reach a larger number of candidates, grab their attention, and compel them to want to learn more about your brand. In turn, you’re able to provide a top-notch candidate experience while also increasing application rates. Are you ready to bolster your recruiting program? Here are many ways you can use video to attract top talent to your business.

Use Them At Job Fairs

While companies use online job boards to post open positions, job fairs are another great way to reach out to prospective candidates. At a job fair, you want to really portray what it’s like to work for your company. Aside from having employees at the event to talk to candidates, you can also use videos to further educate the public on your business. Consider setting up a tablet that plays a video that explains your company’s history, the benefits of working there, and even employee testimonials.

By using videos at a job fair, you can further connect with candidates. You can also use video content as a way to get Instagram followers or followers on other social media sites. Within the video content you play, be sure to display your social media handles so that job seekers can learn more about your brand and interact with you online.

Put Videos On Your Career Site

When an interested job seeker visits your company’s career site, they are visiting in order to learn more about your brand and culture. While you could provide all sorts of text about your company’s culture and provide employee testimonials, you can make the experience even more personal by using videos.

Videos allow you to showcase your company culture. You can show inside sneak peeks of workspaces and give insights into the day-to-day responsibilities of each available position. You can even take video testimonials from current employees to show candidates why people like working for your company.

By using video content to portray what your company is like, you’re able to provide a genuine representation that is fun and relatable.

Use Them In Job Postings

Videos can also be used when advertising open positions within your company. A video is a great way to effectively communicate what the position entails. This allows candidates to better determine if they’re a good fit for not only the position, but also the organization as a whole.

When using video for job postings, create short “day-in-the-life” videos for each open position. Then, you will succeed in creating catchy job postings that impress candidates. Show candidates what the position entails, responsibilities, and what that job environment is like. Day in the life videos are some of the most liked YouTube videos, so you can ensure that candidates will enjoy being able to see what their future job will be like.

Not only does video content personalize and enhance the job-seeking experience, but it also improves your chances of a candidate coming across your open positions. Job boards display thousands of available jobs. By using search engine optimized videos, you can have peace of mind that your job postings are actually visible to candidates.

Post Videos On Social Media

Moreover, many companies post their marketing videos on social media to attract qualified candidates. There are plenty of business-oriented social media channels available nowadays. You can strictly use such channels or branch out to more consumer-oriented ones. Either way, you will reach a large number of prospective employees with your marketing videos if you use this strategy. If you create business profiles on social media platforms, you can even include links to your career site and job postings. Keep this way to use video marketing to attract top talent to your business in mind.

Communicate With Candidates

A big part of the hiring and recruiting process is reaching out to candidates that have applied for a position within your company. Make sure that you send a confirmation response to each applicant. Most companies send text-based emails thanking applicants for their time and application. But, you can go above and beyond the expected by using video content marketing.

At this stage in the recruiting process, you can use videos to:

  • Include a message from the CEO thanking the candidate
  • Describe the next steps of the process
  • Talk more about your company’s culture

By reaching out to prospective candidates using video content, you’re able to create a more compelling pitch for why that job seeker should choose your company over others.

Hire Remote Teams

Remote teams are more common than ever. If your company is looking to hire remote workers, video is a great way to communicate with those who are thousands of miles away. Video is also a cost-effective way to interview long-distance candidates.

You can use apps such as FaceTime, Google Hangouts, and Skype to conduct an interview and to keep candidates informed of where they are in the process. Video shrinks the distance between you and your candidates and makes the process much more formal and personal.

Video is king in the content world, so it should come as no surprise that it can be used as a way to attract top talent to your business. Keep these various options in mind if you’re interested in incorporating video into your company’s hiring and recruiting process.

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