5 Objectives Of Videos For Facebook Ads For Higher Conversion

With the rise of social media, companies have begun implementing videos for Facebook ads into their marketing campaigns. There are over 1 billion active Facebook accounts right now. Every business would be smart to capitalize on that volume through their advertising. As a business owner yourself, you need to use videos for Facebook ads in order to promote your company and reach your audience. However, you may be wondering what the goal of your videos should be. In order to target ads at a tremendous market, it is crucial for owners to establish a business social media to advertise on. Keep reading to learn about a few objectives of videos for Facebook ads.

Brand Awareness

The primary objective of your videos for Facebook ads is to generate awareness for your brand. Implement brand awareness videos during the early stages of your business building process especially. The idea is to attract consumers through storytelling. Introduce your brand and your services to your audience. Use emotional and vivid imagery that causes viewers to feel a sentiment that aligns with your business’ purpose. Your goal is to create inspiration in your audience. When making videos for Facebook ads, your first objective should be to create brand awareness.

Consumer Engagement

In addition to brand awareness, another objective of your videos for Facebooks ads is to engage with your consumers. Create videos that are entertaining and captivating in hopes that they go viral. This optimizes your audience reach organically, which builds a relationship between your company and consumers. These videos are meant to encourage viewers to like, share, and leave comments. In turn, this will cause viewers to engage with each other as well as your brand. Engagement between viewers helps to further build a connection between your business and your audience. A great objective to keep in mind as you create videos for Facebook ads is viewer engagement to naturally foster a relationship between your company and consumers.

Website Traffic

Another objective to pursue when making videos for Facebook ads is to drive traffic to your business’ website. Presumably, your website is where you do a lot of your business. Whether you are selling products through your website or explaining the services your business offers, generating traffic to your company site increases sales. Many companies run Facebook ad campaigns exclusively to generate clicks to their website. This requires that you include a button in your video that sends viewers to your site. Create a video that compels them to click on that button. If you need customers to visit your site, consider making videos for Facebook ads with the purpose of generating website traffic.

App Installation

Similarly, many videos for Facebook ads are designed to encourage viewers to install your app. This video has to show consumers not only what your app does, but how it does it. More specifically, demonstrate the most attractive features of your app. Share consumer testimonials in the video to show that your app is user-friendly and beneficial to your audience. If you conduct most of your business through an application, then this information is crucial for your success. Before you can post this ad, however, you have to register your app with Facebook’s developer’s site. App installation is an important objective of your videos for Facebook ads, especially if most of your business is done through that app.

Customer Conversion

Furthermore, one objective you cannot ignore for your videos for Facebook ads is to convert customers to use your services. There are several strategic marketing methods that help businesses convert users into customers. There are three options you have when converting customers. First, general conversion which encourages consumers to register for a free trial. Then there is cart purchases which are used primarily by e-commerce companies. Finally, offline conversion which drives customers to brick and mortar locations. Your conversion strategy will depend on the type of service you offer. The goal is to connect with consumers who use products or services similar to yours. Encourage them to use your company for their needs. The final objective to keep in mind when creating videos for Facebook ads is customer conversion to find consumers who use similar services and convince them to use yours.

Business owners need to focus their videos for Facebook ads to meet their objectives. In comparison to other platforms like Instagram or Snapchat marketing, Facebook video ads garner the attention of a wide demographic.  For businesses just starting out, building brand awareness and engaging with consumers are primary objectives for video ads. Furthermore, for companies who mostly conduct business online the objective of your videos is to generate traffic to your website. If your business is conducted via mobile app, your videos should encourage viewers to download your app. Finally, your videos for Facebook ads need to convert customers from using another company’s services to using yours. Follow this advice to met objectives videos for Facebook ads that will lead to your success.

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