5 Effective Ways To Increase Brand Awareness For Your Venture

Whether you have a startup you’ve recently launched or a more established business, it’s vital to have as much brand awareness for your venture as possible.

The more potential customers recognize your company’s name and what it sells, the more likely they are to make a purchase or tell others about your brand. This kind of awareness is crucial for having an impact on the market and generating sales long term.

Develop Branded Packaging

If you sell products to customers, a helpful way to get your brand name out there is to ensure all your packaging showcases the business name, logo, tagline, website, etc. During the holidays, you can leverage holiday packaging for businesses to spread holiday cheer using your brand. Whatever makes up the essence of your brand should be placed on the packaging so that customers or gift recipients see your name and marketing collateral as often as possible.

You never know where packaging may end up, either, so if people reuse boxes and bags and the like many other people can come across your brand. Think of these items as one of the valuable touchpoints in your sales and marketing funnels.

An additional benefit of branded packaging is that it looks professional. It can often make customers feel more special when they see impressive-looking materials and set your business apart from others. As an example, think about how much people covet the Tiffany & Co. blue packaging. How you present your brand and offerings is crucial to the emotional connection you make with consumers, which can sometimes last longer than the wares themselves.

Giveaway Branded Promotional Items

It’s nice to reward regular customers, employees, suppliers, and other contacts in your business with branded promotional items from time to time. Custom gifts can also act as an excellent ice breaker and lead generator at trade shows, conferences, and other events, or when making sales, to help you create or further cement relationships with shoppers.

Investing in promo gear also allows you to build more brand awareness. Buy fun, personalized pencils or pens, water bottles, coffee mugs, notebooks, or other items, and you’ll have a product that consumers will hopefully use regularly. Each time they do, they’ll see your brand, and they might even showcase it to other people, too, if they use the goods when out and about or in an office or gym, etc.

Come up with creative giveaways that align with your brand and what you sell and that suit the target audience you’re gifting the products to. You may be amazed at where your brand name ends up traveling to.

Create Quality Content

Another great way to make your brand name top of mind for more people is to create quality content. Develop authentic blogs and articles, videos, whitepapers, reports, social media posts, interviews, or give talks and workshops that make an emotional connection with viewers.

Try to make people laugh, cry, feel inspired or motivated, or otherwise come away with a strong impression. Of course, these are just a few of the ways content marketing agencies maximize revenue. When content is engaging and memorable, people are more like to want to share what you’ve created, thus increasing brand awareness. If they keep talking about your content and remember it long after they viewed it, this further aids your business to stay top of mind. Just make sure all your content is consistent with your brand, regardless of the platform.

Get Influencers on Board

It’s necessary to keep plugging away at different marketing campaigns to build awareness of your brand, but it’s also nice to enjoy times when you gain a lot of momentum quickly. Having influencers on board can be a way to do this. People with large and established audiences who know and trust them can get thousands or even millions of eyeballs on your brand and its offerings quickly.

While even a short mention will increase awareness and expand your organization’s reach, if you can get influencers to discuss your firm and what you sell in more detail, the results can be even more outstanding. Think of using influencers as a way of tapping into an engaged community that already exists and is keen for new information from a source they give credence to.

Some other ways to increase brand awareness are:

– Sponsor events, such as charitable dinners, conferences, and tradeshows
– Run competitions that involve people sharing your content
– Take advantage of referrals by creating a low-cost yet high-value referral program
– Brand company vehicles

Brand awareness won’t happen overnight and isn’t something you can ever completely control. However, you can take multiple steps to encourage increasing numbers of people to learn about your business and what it sells and do so in a favorable light.

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