5 Workplace Practices That Lead To Low Morale

When employee morale is low, it can harm the output of a company. Low morale can influence an employee’s attitude toward and perception of their job, work environment, team members, and managers. This can result in lost productivity in the form of absenteeism, tardiness, illness, and lack of motivation to perform well. These have to be undone before things get worse. Continue reading to learn about the possible causes of low morale in the workplace.

Job Security Issues

Nothing beats the sense of security you get out of having a job and getting steady paychecks regularly. This is why many people would rather endure the daily grind than have no job at all. Job security is a feeling of assurance that one will remain employed for the foreseeable future, and to have something like this be uncertain can cause an employee a lot of stress.

Lack Of Recognition

One of the most important things to do as a manager is to recognize employees that put in good work and exceed expectations. Successful managers offer employee appreciation gifts to keep morale high in the office. Everyone in your team is capable of performing exceptionally for the company. A lack of recognition can affect their overall confidence and may cause them to think that they are not valued.

Lack Of Fair Compensation And Benefits

No matter how you spin it, people are in your company because they need money. They put in eight hours of their day (maybe even more) every day, and they deserve proper compensation for what they do. There are times when they are given much more responsibilities than what they initially signed up to without a salary adjustment. This also includes the benefits that may have been promised as he was hired. Without these, he will find very little motivation to perform to his full capabilities.

Poor Leadership

A team is only as good as its leader. This is a culture that every organization must adopt. When a leader is abusive, incompetent, and close-minded, problems are bound to arise. Employees will be discouraged to perform to the best of their abilities. Plus, there will be a lack of teamwork without a person rallying the team.

Harassment And Discrimination

Probably the most unpleasant thing about a toxic workplace is the occurrence of any form of discrimination or sexual harassment. These cases tend to cause the most emotional distress and lost productivity. Do your best to be aware of these untoward acts within your team. If you’ve experienced these things firsthand from a higher-up, you may want to hire a discrimination or sexual harassment attorney.

How To Fix Low Morale In A Toxic Workplace

Instead of blaming employees, managers are encouraged to look deeper into the issue and work towards finding a solution. Many conduct employee surveys to address problems effectively. However, there are other ways to fix low morale in your office. Here are ways to fix and boost team morale:

Face The Issue Head-On

You can’t solve a problem without first acknowledging that it exists. Being transparent with your staff about how low the team’s morale has been can be the first step in steering things right back in the right direction. Employees will respect your honesty and even make them feel like you are all in it as a team.

Give More Recognition

As a manager, it is your responsibility to make your staff feel valued. One way to do this is to give them the recognition they deserve. Regular feedback and positive praises can keep employees motivated and loyal to the company. Doing so will also help you unlock your team’s full potential.

Train Effective Managers

As mentioned above, a team is only as good as its leader. Leaders have the biggest effect on your employees’ morale since they are the ones directly managing them and setting their career path. If you are an HR officer in your company, training your managers to master different styles of leadership can result in a more positive, high-performing team.

Don’t Glorify Overworking

While hard work is admirable, it is an entirely different case when people are overworked such that they neglect their health and personal life. Some people wear working hard as a badge of honor when, in fact, this may be unhealthy in the long term. Instead, try to keep work within the regular hours, and limit overtime hours. Create a work life balance within your team. Then, you can boost office morale.

Listen To Feedback

Feedback is important in making sure everyone in the company grows and that complications are addressed before it’s too late. You might even learn new things if you listen to your staff’s feedback. Giving feedback to your staff can help them grow their skill sets and subsequently boost their confidence and morale.

A Positive Workplace Attitude Begins With You

The key to a positive and happy workplace is maintaining a healthy connection with your staff. It’s your job as a boss or manager to ensure that your workplace is a safe, engaging, and fulfilling place for everyone. This will, in turn, result in passionate, loyal, and continuously improving employees.

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