Top Motivational Games For Staff Meetings To Improve Workplace Morale


Motivational games or ice breakers are tools used in school, work and other organizational settings to promote team building, trust and communication. As a manager, it is important that you have ideas prepared to help motivate your team whenever necessary. The use of motivational games for staff meetings, orientations, corporate event planning and even during a short break in the office can be immensely beneficial for your business. If you are interested in learning more about how these games can improve the workplace and your company culture, keep reading below.


The first benefit of motivational games in the workplace is that it can actually help to increase productivity. It can seem counter intuitive to take time out of your day and stop the work flow to increase productivity, but the effect is proven. Team building activities and motivational games can help employees work faster. Even inĀ action games at, teams have to work quickly and efficiently to win. Moreover, when in the office, they leave the games with higher morale, less stress and better communication skills. If you want to improve productivity for your employees, try having them play some games or do other group activities in their spare time.


If you want to see better and brighter ideas from your employees, using motivational games for staff meetings or other brainstorming sessions could be the solution you need. Using these exercises correctly can help to make employees feel that their ideas are being heard. It can also encourage them to think outside of the box. This helps to improve creativity in the workplace which can, in turn, make your employees happier and more engaged in the work process.


Motivational games can also help to reduce turnover in the workplace. Many employees leave their current positions because they are unhappy with the company culture and atmosphere or they are sick of having to try to collaborate with a remote team. With these team building exercises, you can boost employee morale and form bonds among your colleagues. This will help to reduce turnover. Your employees will build lasting relationships both with each other and with the business.

Problem Solving

Problem solving is an important factor when it comes to these types of games. Presenting your employees with a task to complete will help them to develop their problem solving skills. This allows them to identify barriers within the game and overcome them together. Accomplishing these little tasks can help your employees with actual problems in the workplace, which is an indispensable professional skill.

Know Your Team

Aside from developing their problem solving skills, these motivational games can also be a great way for you to assess the strengths and weaknesses of your employees. Watching them work to solve a problem will provide you with an insight into the leaders, thinkers and slackers of your group. Once you understand the strengths and weaknesses of your employees, you can develop a better strategy for the workplace. Using motivational games to better strategize leads to improved results.

The benefits of motivational games for staff meetings, employee events and orientations are numerous. Having a team with great office morale requires more than a great corporate travel policy. By facilitating these types of team building activities you can assess your employees’ strengths, help them develop problem solving skills and encourage better workplace communication. This tools can have a great impact on your business, so make sure you test out some motivational games today.

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