How Amazon Fulfillment Centers Work For eCommerce Businesses  

There are several ways how Amazon fulfillment centers work for ecommerce businesses. Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) offers solutions to thousands of companies, startups and home businesses to sell products through multiple warehouses. These warehouses store and ship all products sold through the Amazon website. As a business owner, FBA solutions will help you create a simple yet powerful process where you can sell your business products. In fact, you can increase your business inventory without needing to invest in storage facilities and employees. Read on to discover how Amazon fulfillment centers work for ecommerce businesses. 

Create A Seller’s Account

First, create a seller’s account for ecommerce business FBA opportunities. Start by going to the Amazon web page, “”. Have a business email, chargeable credit card, government ID and phone number. Additionally, provide tax information and a bank account where you can receive the proceeds from your business sales. After organizing your documents, scroll all the way to the bottom of the Amazon page and click on the “Sell on Amazon” link. It is directly under the “Make Money With Us” column. Next, consider whether you want an individual or professional account. Individual accounts are free while professional accounts cost around $40 a month. With professional accounts, you are subjected to less per-item fees when shipping orders. More so, you get extra tools to sync fulfillment requests and track orders. Of course, you can access FBA business solutions by creating a seller’s account.

Warehousing Capabilities

Next, FBA solutions offer ecommerce businesses various warehousing capabilities. With over 100 US fulfillment centers and about 70 more around the world, you have access to various storage options. As a result, your inventory can be strategically distributed across the globe with virtually unlimited scalability. They use the Amazon order management process which is also known as chaotic storage. This robust inventory management system takes incoming products and places them randomly where there is available shelving. This may seem confusing and unorganized, but warehouse staff and the executive team know exactly where each item is located. As a result, warehouse efficiency increases and processes are simplified. This allows for easier locating operations and quicker shipping executions. Certainly, use FBA solutions with various warehousing capabilities for your ecommerce business.

Send Products To Amazon Fulfillment Center

Secondly, send your ecommerce business products to an Amazon fulfillment center. Before shipping your items to Amazon for storage, confirm they are listed on your Seller’s account. You should aim to keep product in inventory only if they are listed for sale. Of course, all products sent to an Amazon fulfillment center need to be labeled. You can label your items independently at home or through Amazon’s FBA Label Service. Then, you can send the package to the center through Amazon or with a preferred carrier options such as FedEx, USPS or UPS. Certainly, send your ecommerce business products to an Amazon fulfillment center to access sales opportunities.

Amazon Fulfills Orders

Then, Amazon starts to fulfill your business orders. First, you need a customer to place an order for your product through Amazon. It can be an order for anything including clothes, toys, tools or equipment. Next, you and Amazon will receive an order notification. Amazon then takes it into their hands to pick, pack and ship the customer’s order. In fact, you don’t have to worry about packaging items that are fragile, large or easy to break. Amazon fulfillment services are responsible for shipping and delivering the order through their own carriers. More so, your orders are available for Prime, which allows your customers to receive their purchases in about 2 days. Certainly, operations and sales are handled differently between amazon business vs prime. Definitely use Amazon to fulfill your orders for simple shipment, stress free operations and quick shipment processes.

Customer Service Solutions

Finally, Amazon fulfillment centers work for your business by managing customer service solutions. There are Amazon employees around the world hired to handle the customer service network. In fact, Amazon’s customer service network protects you and your products, regardless of the Amazon marketplace used for your sales. Therefore, you don’t have to communicate or connect with customers. All issues involving products, shipping and purchases are handled by FBA customer support operators. More so, customer service also handles returns if the product or warranty is defective, the product doesn’t fit correctly, or if the customer doesn’t like what they bought. Amazon will collect the returned items and send out new products if requested or needed. Certainly, work with Amazon fulfillment centers as your business receives customer service solutions.

There are various ways that Amazon fulfillment centers impact ecommerce businesses. First, create an Amazon account so your business can sell products, receive proceeds and track orders. Secondly, send your products to be stored in an Amazon fulfillment center where your items will be stored before being sent out to buyers. Next, you can access warehousing capabilities around the world which allows for strategic distribution and almost unlimited scalability. Then, Amazon starts to fulfill your business orders by handling the shipment processes, sales strategies operations and packaging. Finally, work with Amazon fulfillment centers to access customer service solutions that manage returns, complaints and defective items. These are the top ways that Amazon fulfillment centers work for your ecommerce business.

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