Amazon Business VS Amazon Prime – What’s Better? How Does It Work? How are they different?

Amazon Prime is a popular annual subscription service for consumers in addition to the other Amazon hosting company services. This provides users with access to free shipping as well as a variety of media that can be easily streamed to their phone or computer. However, few consumers are aware of a similar service called Amazon Business. As the name suggests, this service is made specifically for business users to enjoy some similar benefits and more. Remove quantity restrictions, buy from Amazon fulfillment centers and access member only offers. If you are a business owner, you should consider some of the ways in which Amazon Business can work for you. See below to see our top five benefits for Amazon Business VS Prime below.

The Difference Between Amazon Prime And Amazon Business

There are several differences between Amazon Prime and Amazon Business. Today, Amazon offers different membership programs designed to give shoppers both personal and business benefits. Of course, each membership option includes the different selection, convenience and value shoppers would expect. As a business owner, you should understand how Amazon Business differs from Amazon Prime to increase your company’s savings. Read on to learn about the differences between Amazon Prime and Amazon Business.

How Does Amazon Business Prime Work?

Amazon business prime provides effective features to boost company-based sales, processes and revenue. In fact, Amazon business users receive extra perks that normal Amazon users don’t. As a business owner, you can purchase corporate items and supplies easily through Amazon business. Read on to discover how Amazon business prime works.

Multiple Amazon Business Account Registration Users & Permissions

One significant benefit of the Amazon Business VS Prime account is that you can add multiple users to your account. With a business account, you can set up an approval workflow for purchase orders. This allows managers and business owners to track employees making purchases before they are made. Additionally, having multiple users will provide you with the opportunity to create custom groups within your organization for specific needs. If you are considering Amazon Business VS Prime, take this Amazon Business benefit into account.

Tax Exempt Purchases With Business Prime Plans

Tax exempt purchases is another option that is unique to Amazon Business. If you run a non-profit organization or other tax-exempt business, Amazon has the solution for you. Of course, this is helpful for non-profit accounting. With a business account, this online retailer allows you to set up tax exemptions for purchases. Additionally, Amazon provides users with a Tax Exemption Tool to help guide you through the process. Then, it will automatically apply your tax breaks during purchases. If you are debating between Amazon Business VS Prime, take this tax advantage into consideration.

Amazon Business Prime Pricing Discounts

Amazon Business accounts grant you access to exclusive business-only pricing for certain products. This is a huge benefit that is not possible with a traditional Amazon Prime account. Amazon Business also grants you discounts on multi-unit purchases and tiered pricing for high-volume purchases. You can use these pricing discounts to start an Amazon business. These exclusive Amazon Business discounts are a considerable advantage over a standard Amazon Prime account. As a result, if you need franchise financing solutions, Amazon Business might be for you. You should definitely consider this factor in your decision.

Amazon Business Purchase Options

Amazon business prime works by offering price saving purchase options. Business account holders can purchase items through In fact, these users receive price cuts on over a million business-related products and discounts on multi-unit purchases. More so, company account users can compare product costs from various sellers to pick the most cost-effective option. This exclusive platform provides business-only prices that solve many company “tail spending” challenges. As a result, businesses can eliminate time-consuming management for over a hundred different suppliers. Surely, Amazon business prime works by providing price saving purchase options.

Personalized Home Page

The Amazon Business account features a personalized home page specifically designed for business users. This can be extremely useful if you are starting a business. If you find yourself ordering office supplies or other necessary items often, this business feature is perfect for you. With special categories such as electronics, janitorial supplies and software, Amazon Business can help you find exactly what you need at a lower price. If you want an account that focuses on all of your business needs, go for Amazon Business.

Free Two Day Shipping

Free two day shipping is a big lure for many Amazon Prime users. However, you can receive this same benefit as a Business user. For orders over $49, business accounts can access the same fast, reliable shipping as Prime consumers. If you want to leverage the Amazon Prime distribution channel, without the additional consumer services, Amazon Business is for you.

Update: You can now get free shipping for order $25 and over.

Lifestyle Business Prime Benefits

Of course, a main difference between Amazon Business and Prime subscriptions are lifestyle benefits. With a Prime subscription, you gain access to Prime Video, Amazon Music and Prime Reading. Meanwhile, with Amazon Business, you don’t get those features. However, with Amazon Business, you can access Work benefits such as Amazon WorkDocs, Guided Buying and Spend Visibility. Those with Prime memberships can’t use those solutions. So, if you are considering starting a medical practice, you may want to invest in Amazon Business for the Work benefits. Certainly, lifestyle benefits are a big difference between Amazon Business and Prime.

Account Management Settings

Next, Amazon Business accounts have different account management settings than Prime. To access these settings, log into your Business account and click on your name in the upper right corner. Then, you can click “Account” under the heading of “Your Account” in the drop down menu. From here, go to the “Business Settings” to manage users, set up workflows or review payment options. You can also view the “Business Analytics” settings to generate reports, perform analyses, and reconcile invoices. More so, add or remove any preferred suppliers in the “Supplier Management” options choose products with a larger inventory and find sellers that help your business. Definitely, Amazon Business provides useful account management settings for businesses.

Access To Amazon WorkDocs

Next, Amazon business prime provides Amazon WorkDocs. Amazon business prime allows Essentials, Small, Medium and Enterprise account holders to access WorkDocs. This feature offers teams a secure location to collaborate on important company documents. For example, users can track invoices and receipts from a single source. With an Essential account, you receive one user access with 250 GB of free space. Meanwhile, Small business accounts allow for 3 users and up to 750 GB. On the other hand, Medium accounts receive access for 5 users and 1.25 TB of space and Enterprise accounts earn up to 10 users with 2.5 TB of space. Of course, Amazon business prime works for companies by providing Amazon WorkDocs.

Reading Deals

In addition, Amazon Prime accounts include different reading deals for users. As a subscriber, you can view the “Amazon First Reads” category to discover new books and other reads. Each month, you can choose one editor’s pick for free to read before it even hits the shelves. In addition, you can benefit from the Discounted Prime Magazine Subscriptions. Here, you can get four-month subscriptions to your favorite magazines for only about a dollar a month. If you like comics and e-books, you can also use the Prime Reading to access different reading genres. Just connect any device to browse thousands of reading options that you can download or purchase. Also, you could get publicity for the books if you include them into your marketing plan. In short, the difference with Amazon Prime are the reading deals.

Entertainment Services

Furthermore, you can access different entertainment services with Amazon Prime. Take advantage of the discounted monthly plans with Amazon Music Unlimited. Or, access Prime Music to download thousands of songs with no ads or interruptions. You can even get access to Audible channels for unlimited original playlists and music. These memberships also let you watch popular TV shows, movies and Amazon originals. Plus, get discounts on video games with a Twitch Prime subscription ad-on. You can even browse through the Prime Reading Library to borrow your favorite books and magazines. In fact, this could be a profitable entertainment business solution to incentivize new customers. Definitely, Amazon Prime members can access exclusive entertainment services.

Link To Amazon Prime

Finally, another great benefit of Amazon Business is that it can be linked to your Prime account. If you simply cannot choose between Amazon Business VS Prime, you don’t have to. Simply connect your accounts and receive the same benefits for each in one space. This will save you a cash crate of money in the long run.

Is Business Prime Better? Is Business Prime Worth It?

As a bonus, Amazon has released the business prime program. This is the best of both worlds between Amazon business vs prime. To sign up for business prime, the annual prices are a bit higher. However, the business plan could be better than an individual account depending on the costs savings and bulk ordering prices available.

Business Prime Account Costs

First, Amazon business prime accounts work through different pricing options. Based on your business size, needs and processes, look into different plans. You can access a Duo membership for $69 per year. However, this plan requires you to have an Amazon prime subscription that costs $119 annually. Or, for start up businesses, consider purchasing an Essentials plan for 3 users at $179 a year. Of course, as a small business owner, you can access a Small plan that allows up to 10 users for $499 per year. Also, there is a Medium plan for up to 100 users for about $1,300 annually. Plus, for large corporations, consider an Enterprise subscription for more than 100 users at around $10,000 per year. Certainly, access Amazon business prime features by paying for a business-specific plan type.

Here are the prices for Business Prime:

  • Essentials Plan – $179/yr
  • Small Plan – $499/yr
  • Medium Plan – $1,299/yr
  • Enterprise Plan – $10,999/yr

These prime for business plans are based on the size of the business, ranging from just a few users to over 100 users. To further your savings, use the Amazon Prime Business Credit Card to get the best rewards on the ecommerce retailer.

Membership Pricing

First off, Amazon Business offers multiple membership prices. If you need a plan that supports only one user, you should choose a duo plan around $75. In addition, Amazon offers an essential plan with a fee about $200 for 3 users. With 10 or less users, you could opt into their small plan for approximately $500 yearly. For larger business environments with 100 users, you should purchase a medium plan for a little over $1,000. In addition, Amazon also offers an unlimited enterprise plan for roughly $10,000. This way, you can buy a low budget plan that works best for your organization. Certainly, evaluate different Amazon Business membership packages to find one that suits your needs.

Offers Free Analytics Tools

Of course, Amazon business works by offering free analytics tools. Business account holders receive industry-standard survey tactics to efficiently track customer sentiment and insights. Also, you can send surveys to targeted customers through email, web, POS kiosks and SMS texts. In fact, Amazon business allows you to automate survey delivery as wanted. More so, these analytic tools offer omnichannel feedback to monitor your frequently accessed channels. Plus, you receive a real time dashboard where you can analyze results as they are submitted. This level of tracking sets business prime apart from Amazon prime. Definitely, invest in an Amazon business account to utilize free analytics tools.

Shopping Savings

More so, Amazon Prime offers different shopping savings benefits for customers. If you shop at Whole Foods Market, you can get exclusive savings benefits with two hour delivery. Or, access the Prime Pantry to buy groceries and household items for an additional delivery fee. You can also access the Prime Wardrobe to try on eligible clothing items before you buy them. In addition, subscribers get special deals and savings on Amazon’s annual Prime Day. Plus, you can get alerts for Lightning Deals on Amazon 30 minutes earlier than non-subscribers. Certainly, you can access exclusive shopping savings with Amazon Prime.

Improves Business Operations

Amazon business improves overall business operations, including team management, reduced shipping costs and tax exempt processes. Amazon business vs prime allows you to maintain and control multiple users simultaneously. For example, you can add numerous users to meet and maintain procurement process standards. Additionally, Amazon business offers free and prompt shipping. In fact, business products and services over $35 are shipped free of charge and can be sent in less than 2 business days depending on your location. More so, comparing Amazon prime vs business prime, users can use their tax-exempt status when purchasing certain business products from Amazon-related platforms. As a result, your business can reduce the incurred costs of buying through Amazon. Surely, use Amazon business to improve business operations.

There are several ways Amazon business prime can impact your business operations. First, review Amazon business prime account costs and select an effect business plan. Secondly, this exclusive account offer price saving purchase options to reduce the cost of multi-unit purchases and business products. Next, Amazon business provides Amazon WorkDocs so teams can collaborate on important company documents and transactions. Of course, business prime offers free analytic tools to send surveys, analyze answers instantly and track customer sentiment. Finally, Amazon business improves business operations with team management options, tax-exempt perks and free shipping solutions. These are various ways Amazon business prime can enhance your business.

The Amazon Business VS Prime debate is simple if you have any of these business needs above. For easy tax exempt purchases and reliable shipping, the business account is perfect for you to score deals on all the Ebay top selling products you have your eyes on. With approval workflows for multiple users and the ability to link to Amazon Prime, you can have the best of both worlds with all of these benefits and more.


Amazon Prime And Business Provide Opportunities For Small Businesses

There are several differences between Amazon Prime and Amazon Business. First, Amazon Business includes different membership pricing options. Next, Amazon Business also has different account management settings that you can access to make changes. In addition, Amazon Prime offers different reading deals where you can discover new books and authors. More so, the shopping savings benefits with Prime offer exclusive discounts and deals to subscribers. Furthermore, you can access entertainment services with Prime to download songs, read books and watch TV shows. These are the differences between Amazon Prime and Amazon Business.


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  2. Thank you. This was a great help and no “hear say” like some of the other articles and comments had. It was very difficult to decide whether to combine or not or see the reason why I would accept the “business free offer”. Also some said it was for the sellers and others said it was for the buyers and it appears the business aspect will be for the buying and the regular Prime will be for the selling – so I get the best of both my combining.

  3. We signed up for Amazon Business, and despite selecting Prime-eligible products, we get charged for 2-day shipping. I tested this with a few products — same price for the product, free shipping with prime, 2-day shipping charge with Amazon Business. For us, switching from Prime was a mistake.

    • We are looking into the difference between Prime and a business account also. We the orders you had to pay 2-day shipping charge, under $49? Over half of our orders for the last month were under $49, so I’m thinking a business account would not be a good option for us.

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