Amazon Business VS Prime: Which Subscription Service Is Right For You?


Amazon Prime is a popular annual subscription service for consumers in addition to the other Amazon hosting company services. This provides users with access to free shipping as well as a variety of media that can be easily streamed to their phone or computer. However, few consumers are aware of a similar service called Amazon Business. As the name suggests, this service is made specifically for business users to enjoy some similar benefits and more. If you are a business owner, you should consider some of the ways in which Amazon Business can work for you. See below to see our top five benefits for Amazon Business VS Prime below.

Multiple User Permissions

One significant benefit of the Amazon Business VS Prime account is that you can add multiple users to your account. With a business account, you can set up an approval workflow for purchase orders. This allows managers and business owners to track employees making purchases before they are made. Additionally, having multiple users will provide you with the opportunity to create custom groups within your organization for specific needs. If you are considering Amazon Business VS Prime, take this Amazon Business benefit into account.

Tax Exempt Purchases

Tax exempt purchases is another option that is unique to Amazon Business. If you run a non-profit organization or other tax-exempt business, Amazon has the solution for you. Of course, this is helpful for non-profit accounting. With a business account, this online retailer allows you to set up tax exemptions for purchases. Additionally, Amazon provides users with a Tax Exemption Tool to help guide you through the process. Then, it will automatically apply your tax breaks during purchases. If you are debating between Amazon Business VS Prime, take this tax advantage into consideration.

Pricing Discounts

Amazon Business accounts grant you access to exclusive business-only pricing for certain products. This is a huge benefit that is not possible with a traditional Amazon Prime account. Amazon Business also grants you discounts on multi-unit purchases and tiered pricing for high-volume purchases. These exclusive Amazon Business discounts are a considerable advantage over a standard Amazon Prime account. You should definitely consider this factor in your decision.

Personalized Home Page

The Amazon Business account features a personalized home page specifically designed for business users. If you find yourself ordering office supplies or other necessary items often, this business feature is perfect for you. With special categories such as electronics, janitorial supplies and software, Amazon Business can help you find exactly what you need at a lower price. If you want an account that focuses on all of your business needs, go for Amazon Business.

Free Two Day Shipping

Free two day shipping is a big lure for many Amazon Prime users. However, you can receive this same benefit as a Business user. For orders over $49, business accounts can access the same fast, reliable shipping as Prime consumers. If you want to leverage the Amazon Prime distribution channel, without the additional consumer services, Amazon Business is for you.

Link To Amazon Prime

Finally, another great benefit of Amazon Business is that it can be linked to your Prime account. If you simply cannot choose between Amazon Business VS Prime, you don’t have to. Simply connect your accounts and receive the same benefits for each in one space. This will save you a cash crate of money in the long run.

The Amazon Business VS Prime debate is simple if you have any of these business needs above. For easy tax exempt purchases and reliable shipping, the business account is perfect for you to score deals on all the Ebay top selling products you have your eyes on. With approval workflows for multiple users and the ability to link to Amazon Prime, you can have the best of both worlds with all of these benefits and more.

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  1. Thanks much for this wonderful differentiation

    Love it

  2. Thank you. This was a great help and no “hear say” like some of the other articles and comments had. It was very difficult to decide whether to combine or not or see the reason why I would accept the “business free offer”. Also some said it was for the sellers and others said it was for the buyers and it appears the business aspect will be for the buying and the regular Prime will be for the selling – so I get the best of both my combining.

  3. We signed up for Amazon Business, and despite selecting Prime-eligible products, we get charged for 2-day shipping. I tested this with a few products — same price for the product, free shipping with prime, 2-day shipping charge with Amazon Business. For us, switching from Prime was a mistake.

    • We are looking into the difference between Prime and a business account also. We the orders you had to pay 2-day shipping charge, under $49? Over half of our orders for the last month were under $49, so I’m thinking a business account would not be a good option for us.

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