5 Tips To Avoid Costly Plumbing Repairs

There are several key steps to avoid plumbing repairs at your productive business workplace. Some plumbing repair situations are unavoidable.  But while each plumbing fixture has its lifespan, you can at least prevent premature failure. The right information enables you to keep an eye on any issue arising and know when to ask for help. An effective plumbing maintenance routine can go a long way toward preventing plumbing issues.

Hiring the services of the most experienced plumbing company Northern Virginia or any other area has to offer provides can shield you from costly repairs or replacements. As much as plumbers handle plumbing maintenance and issues when they arise, you also have a role to play. Checking your pipes regularly or disposing of your waste correctly keeps your plumbing system working optimally. To avoid expensive plumbing repairs, these are five preventive measures you must follow:

Select The Right Plumber

Plumbing issues can quickly spiral out of control and lead to extensive damage and costly repairs. Even if you’re budget conscious, choosing a plumber because of their lower charges can eventually cost you more. To avoid plumbing mishaps, only hire certified plumbers who can answer your plumbing-related questions and offer efficient and timely services. Plumbing experts have the knowledge, proper equipment, and personnel to deal with virtually any type of plumbing challenge. They can identify a problem and rectify it quickly. Before settling on plumbers, do a background check and find out what people say about them. You can use free support software apps or read online reviews or ask for recommendations from people in your area. Strike a balance by getting one with reasonable rates and a good reputation. Never gamble with your plumbing system, especially for complex situations that require professional skill and expertise.

Mind What You Let Down The Drain

You can flush diapers, paper towels, feminine sanitary products, and wipes down your toilet but not out of your drainage system. These products don’t disintegrate well into the water like regular tissue paper does and can cause build-up and clog the sewer line. Opening the sewer line to snake out the clog requires a professional plumber at cost. Dispose of only bodily waste and toilet paper down the toilet to avoid a situation where you have to open your line and fix the problem.

In addition, avoid throwing food scraps and hair should down the kitchen or shower drain. Over time, the hair and food build-up will block water passage and cause water backflow into your property. Apart from the dirty water flooding your floors, it’s also a health hazard to your loved ones. As much as chemical drain cleaning products unclog the drainage, they also eat away at your pipes and make them brittle in the process. Use a plunger for mild clogs to prevent internal pipe cracks and holes. Otherwise, call a plumber to do the job.

Fix Leaks Quickly

Small leaks in you sprinkler can wreak havoc on your property just as a full-scale flood would. Without quick fixes, you could be in need of major sprinkler repair. Water damage takes time to show. But when it does, you know the damage is extensive and sometimes irreversible. When you start seeing streaks, discoloration, and staining on drywall, those are signs you’re dealing with a situation that requires thousands of dollars to remedy. Water leaks cause damage to ceilings and hardwood floors, create a conducive environment for mold and fungal growth, and generally decrease your property’s value. Water leaks can also interfere with the property’s structural integrity when left unattended. Discovering and dealing with water leaks is crucial to keeping your family safe and your property’s safety and long-term health. It also eliminates the need for costly repairs. That’s why routine plumbing maintenance is critical to identify and deal with water leaks on time.

Protect Your Pipes From Cold Temperatures

During winter, water in the pipes can freeze and interfere with water flow. If this happens, pressure will build at the point of blockage, add tension to the pipe, and cause your pipes to burst. This is a plumbing issue you don’t want to deal with. You face a ripped pipe and a water situation if you don’t take any preventive steps. Before the cold season sets in, you must insulate all exposed pipes inside and outside your house. Turn on your faucets and allow a steady water flow to release pressure build-up. Let the thermostat run and allow warm air to circulate even when you’re away from home. Schedule a system inspection with your plumber before winter so they can identify any issues that need attention. Don’t forget to inform your plumber to check hard-to-reach places like your crawl spaces.

Know When To Replace Your Water Heater

A properly functioning water heater distributes hot water in the house, and keeping it functioning is critical to your hot water needs. When it doesn’t work as expected, it’s a costly plumbing crisis. Water heaters last between 10 to 15 years. A tank eventually rusts and causes cracks and fractures from wear and tear. A broken tank leads to slow water leaks or a sudden burst. Considering that water heater tanks hold between 25 to 100 gallons of water, the damage will be extensive. You can experience erratic water temperatures that will shoot your power bills, get contaminated water, or your tank can explode.

Corrosion and sediments are the most common problems from which water heaters suffer. If the sacrificial anode rod that attracts corrosive elements away from the tank wears out, the tank will corrode. The result of neglecting to flush out sediment created by heating hard water will cause build-up and destroy the heating elements. Regular water heater maintenance lets you check on the faulty parts and replace them on time to prevent malfunction or costly repairs. Some plumbing problems, like normal wear and tear of fixtures, are inevitable. However, others occur due to how you use or maintain them. Follow the above tips to guide you on what and what not to do to prevent plumbing issues from occurring. The best way to keep your plumbing system in tip-top shape is by hiring a professional plumber to check your fixtures regularly.

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