10 Skilled Social Work Business Ideas To Capitalize On Entrepreneurial Growth

There are various social work business ideas to start in 2022. Typically, social enterprise ideas arise from a desire to address social needs such as environmental, economic and community profitability. In fact, many companies are trying to merge business acumen and innovation to create permanent social change advancements. As an aspiring social work business owner, there are several powerful roles that can provide positive change to communities around the world. Read on to learn about the different social work business ideas you can start in 2022.

Types Of Social Work Business Ideas

School Counseling

You can find a career in social work as a school counselor. First, you must obtain a four-year undergraduate degree and a master’s in social work, psychology or counseling to start a counseling business. Once qualified and hired, you can start working with children in an educational environment. For example, you can help students maintain and improve their mental health. Plus, you can collaborate with children who live with social or developmental disabilities and teach them how to be comfortable with themselves. More so, you will be able to help students stuck in abusive living environments and help raise their overall well-being. Certainly, become a school counselor and improve the lives of students living in difficult situations.

Energy Consulting

Of course, open an energy consulting company as your social work business in 2022. Starting an energy consulting business can help clients make positive energy-based decisions. First, administer an energy audit for all clients and their properties, including single-family homes or large data centers. Then, provide an in-depth report that offers specific recommendations to reduce energy-based consumption. As a result, your clients can determine ways to conserve energy and improve efficiency, such as solar panels, energy-efficient space heaters or geothermal systems. Additionally, consider providing clients with information about possible tax incentives for financing alternative energy systems. Definitely think about open a social work energy consulting business.


Next, consider opening a bookmobile as your social work business. This career allows you to provide the gift of reading to areas and communities who have limited access to libraries. Of course, fund your business with a bookmobile grant program. Here, you can receive up to $3,000 to purchase books. Or, solicit donations of used and new books from friends, family or kind benefactors. More so, you can start a crowdfunding account to raise funds to purchase a vehicle. Then, you can travel to poverty-stricken, impoverished and deprived communities to provide educational entertainment for the townspeople. Certainly, contemplate starting a bookmobile as your social work business idea.

Nursing Home Social Worker

Another social work business idea includes working in a nursing home. This position allows you to advocate and care for each patient’s well-being. Of course, you will be protecting the elderly residents against neglect, abuse and mistreatment. In fact, you are in charge of ensuring that all their needs are being met with personalized senior home care services by the nursing home facility. For example, you can help nursing home residents manage their psychosocial, mental and emotional needs. More so, you can help the patient’s family with all medical, financial and emotional decisions relating to their loved one. Certainly, consider opening a nursing home social work business to care for the elderly and their families.

Social Supermarket

Furthermore, you can start a social supermarket business. Open a store that caters to several social needs. Consider selling items that were purchased at meager prices to low-income families. For example, you can sell dented cans or products near their expiration date. Plus, consider partnering with local producers. As a result, your social supermarket reduces transportation and energy consumption to produce sustainable food production. Of course, you can also sell organic foods and products that are created in an ethical manner such as animal treatment, environmental sustainability and workers’ welfare. Definitely open a supermarket business to contribute to the social work industry.

A Closer Look Into The Social Work Industry

Whether you are just considering enrolling in an online masters in social work or you’re already enrolled at a well-known school such as Rutgers Online it’s important to start thinking about what you want to do with your education. Perhaps you want to open your own business and are wondering if your online social work masters will help you bootstrap your venture. Here’s a closer look at social work businesses.

Job Outlook

One of the main concerns for social work students is, of course, job outlook. Social workers’ job outlook is at a record high. In fact, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics projects 19% growth in social work until 2022. This is a much better statistic than other similar areas. This is important to note when considering whether or not to open a social work business for yourself after graduation.

School Social Work

While many boards may have their own social workers, others might not. You can open your own business that focuses on school aged children. It will be your job as a school social worker to work with that child and to also be their liaison between the student and their parents/family. You will also ensure that their needs are met in school if there are any special classes or help required like getting to career fairs. At any given moment, you could be working with a number of students at once.

Family Support Worker

In this career, you won’t just be helping a child you will be helping the entire family by offering support. It could be that the family is just going through a temporary problem, or the issues could be more long-term. The goal is that you offer emotional support to all the family members and practical help with issues such as homelessness, domestic abuse, and more.

For this position, you need to be able to work not just with kids but also with adults, being able to speak with them, understand them, and communicate in a way that is helpful.

Community Outreach Program

Another option is to run a community outreach program, or to head up one. These can be non-profit businesses that impact thousands of people. While many think these programs exist only in large cities the fact of the matter is that they can be found all over the country. In this position, you will be the main source of contact for the volunteers who work there and the organizer of the program.

Your duties will be to help get the word out about the program through fundraising events, gather up a donor list, train the other volunteers, and create non profit management strategies for future and current media campaigns. This is ideal for the person who wants to use their social work degree but at the same time has an interest in business and marketing.

Support Center

For those who are really ambitious, you may want to look into opening your own family support center. If you are the one operating the center then your role will take on more of a management position, similar to running an outreach center. You’ll need to create a marketing plan, find donors and sponsors, provide training, hire staff, etc.

A community support center is a not-for-profit center that helps the people in the community by providing a wide variety of services and programs, like social media security lectures or similar. Instead of running one you may wish to work at one taking the role of a support worker instead.

The Doors are Open

Once you obtain your masters in social work you will find a variety of doors will be opened for you giving you a chance to have a very rewarding career or business. Depending on your interests, choose a path that is right for you. Owning a pizza franchise may be a better fit for you. Of course, with the right team, you could have a very financially and socially rewarding business.

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